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Typing at Home/Data-Entry Scam

With the number of “Work at Home” scams on the rise, it is important that individuals are weary of taking on these job offers to avoid potentially damaging circumstances. As the unemployment rate staggers to stabilize, many job seekers are turning to methods of making cash in a fast and simple manner – thus falling prey to these manipulative job scams. Scammers posing as recruiters are targeting such individuals who are unaware and unsuspecting of this type of criminal activity.

How to spot the scam

Typing at Home scams target vulnerable and ill informed job seekers do not take the necessary caution when applying for jobs. Scammers use online as well as offline methods to target these job seekers, posting jobs on websites as well as distributing misleading flyers.

These jobs require little or no experience, enticing the individual with phrases such as “Earn Cash Fast” and “Work from comfort of Home”. Many of these job posts are poorly written, with random capitalization and many exclamation marks.

Another red flag for work at home scams is that the job requires the individual to invest a certain amount of money in order to make money. “Spend money to make money” is a business tactic used by companies worldwide; however it does not necessarily apply to working from home.

How to avoid this type of scam

Below are some basic tips on how to avoid being victim to one of these manipulative job scams:

·         Carefully scrutinize the job description and requirements before they apply for the position
·         Conduct research on the company and find out whether they are a legitimate business entity
·         Do not provide personal or financial information over the internet if you are uncertain about the source of income
·         Research the refund policy
·         Ask questions about the company and its mission or goals, as well as background to further clarify its legitimacy

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