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UK Bakery Greggs Spoof Logo Goes Viral

When you think of Greggs; you think of tasty and affordable snacks not the latest viral sensation of the week. The popular UK bakery chain Greggs has hit the headlines and social media newsfeeds in a big way due to a spoof Google search engine result. Normally when the name of a company is entered into the search engine it returns a snippet of that company’s information along with the company’s logo. That wasn’t the case when Greggs’ name was entered into Google. That wasn’t the case at all.

Instead of the bakery chain’s logo accompanied with its approved slogan, this appeared in the search results instead:

“Providing **** to scum for over 70 years.”

That’s not exactly the kind of PR that Greggs and their customers are accustomed to surely.

Hilarity ensued shortly after the rouge slogan was spotted and Greggs quickly responded to the incident by reaching out to Google via Twitter with the kind of dignity that should be applauded to resolve the situation.

Reports state that the source of the false slogan came from Uncyclopedia which is more like a parody of Wikipedia much to the disappointment of some social media users who had convinced themselves that it was some sort of conspiracy theory. It very well could have been but at least that explains the humorous nature of the slogan that replaced Greggs’ official one.

Uncyclopedia’s mockery slogan crept its way onto Google’s search engine results due to its hosting site Wikia. Google is not able to differentiate between certified content and in this case, outright ridicule which is how the mock version of Greggs’ slogan appeared online.

It is the kind of advertising campaign that is by now the envy of every company in the UK because not only has Greggs’ spoof logo gone viral it has unwittingly placed the bakery chain into the global spotlight. The bosses of Greggs should be very happy with this or at least see the funny side to it hopefully.

This is the type of advertising that only mere mortals dare dream of and it embodies the saying “bad press, is good press.” In Greggs’ case, this incident has resulted in good press with the company seemingly taking all of the attention it is receiving in its stride, riding the hoax wave all the way until the tide comes in. This is what an excellent real-time marketing strategy looks like, overnight Greggs have harnessed what other company’s would have probably cringed at, buckled under, and folded like a cheap lawn chair. Thanks to a one off algorithm glitch, Greggs has truly earned its moment in the spotlight.

Image source – Radarsmum67/Flickr

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