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LEADERSHIP / JAN. 17, 2014
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UK Research Reveals Worrying Managerial Skills Gap

A Worrying Discovery

The results of a study published earlier this week have revealed that UK firms are at increasing risk to the problems caused by ineffective management. Calling for a widespread ‘makeover’ of the way afflicted companies interpret employee skill and prowess; and in turn elect management, the results show that many individuals in positions of authority are largely out of touch with the attributes needed to flourish in modern business.

The study, which was conducted in survey form and spoke to some 750 managers in UK industry, found that over 70% admitted to a lack of appropriate understanding of the likes of social media and data management. Though an afterthought, the majority were also even uncertain in their own team management skills.

A Significant Gap

Carried out by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the opinion of most on the matter so far appears to be one of apprehensive astonishment. A ‘significant’ skills gap between management and staff, whether in terms of technological know-how or interpersonal communication skills is not good for any organisation- regardless of field or function.

Chief executive of CMI, Ann Francke, commented: “business optimism is on the up but this is a reminder that no employer can afford to neglect their managers’ skills if they’re serious about success.” Going on to affirm the widespread speculation of late that UK industry is trailing behind previously equal economies on this front, Francke continued: “management shortcomings are already part of the reason why the UK lags behind competitors like the US and Germany, and we could fall further behind if we don’t prepare now for the future.”


The concept of future-proofing is one that runs continually throughout CMI’s report, with the institute adamant of a need for UK-based companies to realise its importance before it’s too late. Mrs Francke went on to say: “while managers can see that changes in the business environment will transform how they work, many admit to lacking the skills needed to make the most of the opportunities ahead. Employers need to priorities these critical management skills to future-proof their business.”

Finishing with the prediction that the traditional 9-5 working day will soon be phased out and replaced with remote, shorter-term contracting by the end of the current decade, it seems things are set to change for good. About time, as who wants to be bossed about by an out-of-touch dinosaur who not only couldn’t tell their twitter feed from their gmail, but has no desire whatsoever to learn, adapt and develop?

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