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SALARIES / MAY. 13, 2015
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How to Understand Your Rights Considering Wages and Hours in the UK

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Knowing Your Rights Concerning Wages and Hours in the US Workplace
SALARIES / MAR 17, 2015

If you are an American or are currently working in America, it’s important that you understand your rights. The Department of Labor (DOL), administers and enforces over...

Anticipated UK Minimum Wage Rise Falls Through
SALARIES / MAR 04, 2014

Despite suggesting that the United Kingdom’s national minimum wage could rise as high as £7 per hour in 2014, reports this week suggest that Chancellor George Osborne has...

Increasing the Minimum Wage Would Destroy UK Youth
SALARIES / JAN 10, 2014

UK chancellor, George Osborne warned that he would not support a rise in the minimum wage if it cost jobs. The Chancellor said it would be self defeating to increase the...

beautiful cashier
SALARIES / JAN 14, 2016

Ah, money, the root of all evil, Scrooge’s favorite swimming medium and the thing that makes the world go round according to Liza Minelli. We all want it, and most of us...

gender gap salary discrimination
SALARIES / JUN 26, 2014

Money is a taboo subject in some cultures. Therefore, it's not unusual for friends and family to avoid money discussions, and some jobs have a strict policy that forbids...

How to Ensure You Are Getting Paid the Minimum Wage
SALARIES / AUG 22, 2014

Do you know how much you are getting paid for the work you are doing? There is a national minimum wage, but most states have their own minimum wage. If your salary is...

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