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Unforgivable Flaws of Managers

Unfortunately, not all managers possess the necessary skills, personal attributes and expertise to be a great manager. Whilst some operate on a mere "average" level, others adopt flaws that are simply unforgivable in any workplace environment.

When a manager adopts difficult flaws, it can have a tragic effect on the overall success and productivity of the company. It can also have a devastating impact on office morale and employee retention rates.

Here are some of the most unforgivable flaws that managers need to avoid at all costs:

#1 The Bully

One of the worst traits of a manager is being a bully. As surprising as it may be, bullying does not always end at school; some managers do not know the difference between creating motivation and scaring employees into doing the work. A bullying manager will only cause resentment from his staff and may even force many of the best workers out the front door!

#2 The Stranger

Although not as serious as being a bully, a manager who never shows his face at work or who hides away in his office without having any interaction with his staff is quite simply an unforgivable flaw. The key to an effective and productive workplace is good communication between co-workers, departments and management, and without any form of communication, employees will feel undervalued and lost.

#3 The Reprimander

A manager who spends his time telling off his staff in public is detrimental to the overall morale and motivation of a workplace. It is not only unprofessional to reprimand staff in public, but to do so in a manner that is condescending, patronizing and unhelpful is just plain wrong.

#4 The Promise Breaker

A trait that managers must avoid is being known as the ‘promise breaker’. As one of the worst character traits, it is important that any promises you make to your department or to individual staff, you should carry through. Breaking promises, especially those that relate to promotion, pay rises or other forms of rewards will create a very negative working environment.

#5 The liar

It is one thing to break promises, but to be an outright liar makes it to the list of unforgivable flaws without question. A manager who lies to his staff, and whom tell lies about his staff will eventually rot the core of an office and cause his employees to pack their things and leave. Being transparent and honest with your employees is one of the most fundamental aspects of being a good manager.

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