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Unhappily Married to Your Job? – It’s Time for a Divorce!

Ideally, we should treat our careers like our relationships: if its not working out, you have break up and then move 'onwards and upwards'. Unfortunately, many employees are stuck in a rut and have been for many years, but because they are so familiar with their daily routine they feel helpless to change it.

The time to make a stand is now. Why go through life wasting each day in a job you hate, surrounded by colleagues who don’t respect you and working for a company that doesn’t value you? Afterall, you only live once! #YOLO

How to divorce your job

Announcing that you are divorcing your job can be humiliating, worrying and potentially, a risky decision all round – but life is about taking risks! If you are not happy with your situation and there are no obvious ways of remedying it, then you need to be strong enough to make a change. I'm not saying this will be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever came easy, right?

Here is how to divorce your job with dignity and style:

#1 Before you make your first move, you need to draw up a list of pros and cons for leaving your job – do the pros outweigh the cons enough to make you leave? If so, then this is when you need to begin planning.

#2 Develop a plan of action. We all know that moving on from one relationship is easier when you have another to move on to! Apply this logic to your career move. You cannot leave your job without having something else set up – the last thing you want is to be left unemployed and ‘on the shelf’.

#3 Secured yourself a job you will enjoy? Good. Your next move is to write up a letter of resignation. Spend some time on this and always remain polite, professional, and courteous – you never know when you may need to call upon your manager for a reference!

#4 Once management know about your decision, inform your colleagues, friends and family. Whilst this may be hard to do, it is necessary. You need to be truthful with those close to you so that you can maintain close working relationships with them. Your friends and family may question why you want to break free from your "amazing" job, but they don't know what happens behind closed doors... are they around when you are working into the early hours on a friday night from the office? Didn't think so.

How to handle your divorce

Going through a ‘career-divorce' is never easy. There will be times when you doubt whether you are making the right decision, and there will be times when you miss your job and want desperately to go back to it. But stay strong! You need to remember that your divorce was for the good of your health, sanity, and career prospects.

When one door closes, another door opens. Yes, you have changed your career path after a long time of being in the same unhappy employment contract, but this is an exciting time for you! Embrace it!

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