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Unorthodox Ways to Get Snapped Up by Potential Employers

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If you’ve been searching for a new job, you’re probably not alone in thinking you’re a tiny needle in one giant haystack. With today’s job market being so over-crowded, gone are the days when you can simply search the wanted ads, present a neatly packaged CV and wait for that dream job to fall into your lap.

Competition is fierce. It’s no longer good enough to send your credentials to potential employers and hope for the best - now you have to take special measures to really stand out from the crowd!

The mere thought of having to go above and beyond before even getting your foot in the door may sound daunting. To offer a little help and inspiration, here are a few tips and tricks that might just give you that all-important competitive edge over your rivals...

Do Your Research

Obviously, having an extensive knowledge of the role and company you’re applying to work for is essential, after all, it’s most likely what has attracted you to the job in the first place - and what makes you the ideal candidate. But digging a little deeper can really help you when trying to grab attention.

Find out what makes your hiring manager tick and incorporate it into your application. For instance, if they have a particular love of cupcakes, have a box delivered to their office everyday for a whole week. Each box should contain something visually striking (maybe a photograph or graphic) accompanied by one reason why you are the perfect person for the role. This kind of action is personal, shows initiative and certainly tastes better than your average resume!

Go Viral!

Okay, you don’t necessarily need to ‘go viral’, but YouTube is an effective and economical way of showing potential employers your personality, skills and ability to be creative.

Rather than the traditional CV and cover letter, making a concise interactive video including an introduction to yourself, laced with a bit clever video trickery and  ‘clickable’ links to your portfolio, website etc. is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from crowd, and to prove to your potential employer that you’re savvy in cut throat digital age.


From cutting-edge gadgets to a pair of second hand novelty socks, it is literally possible to advertise anything!

There are many ways in which to advertise a product these days - there is the tried and tested method of a good old fashioned billboard, but for those who don’t want themselves crudely displayed alongside a busy main road or motorway, there is Google Ads!

An ingenious example of using Google Ads to target desired employers is Alec Brownstein. As an aspiring advertising executive, Mr Brownstein launched a Google Ad experiment - he knew that if you’re the hot shot director of a big ad agency, you’re likely to Google yourself once in a while. He bought Google ads against the names of the directors of his dream agencies, so when they punched their names into the search engine, his job application appeared before them on the results page.

Just to confirm, it worked - and it only cost him $6!

Some of the above methods will have already been utilised by job applicants the world over, perhaps making this article seem a little void! But the point is, these innovative methods do get results, and by thinking outside the box, you can really make yourself that bright and glistening needle in the haystack that demands time, respect and simply can’t be ignored!

So put that thinking cap on and get creative - the sky really is the limit!

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