WORKPLACE / DEC. 16, 2014
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Unsettling Realities About Bad Bosses

Life is short, and it can become even shorter when having a bad boss at work. Studies have shown that among the key symptoms of having a bad job are stress, heart trauma, heart disease, to name a few. Bad bosses - whether ogres, jerks, control freaks, micromanagers or bumbling fools - can be found in all companies. Unfortunately, such bad bosses can wipe out productivity as well as good working ethos and spirit.

This infographic by officevibe, presents 8 terrifying facts about bad bosses and how they can affect employees and their performance:

Some of the highlights include:

-  A staggering 3 out of 4 employees say their boss is the worst and most stressful aspect of their job

-  Half of employees who don’t feel valued by their boss will look for another job in the coming year

-  The annual cost for US companies in health care costs as a result of bad bosses amounts to $360 billion!

-   Almost half of employees (44%) admit they have been emotionally or physically abused by a supervisor in their career.

Find out more real stats on how bad bosses impact jobs in this interesting infographic…

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