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JOB SEARCH / NOV. 29, 2013
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Unusual Jobs: Profile of a Chewing Gum Artist

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Ben is dedicated to cleaning up the pavement piece by piece.

With so many different career options available, it can be extremely difficult choosing a job or vocation to commit a large chunk of our lives to. One person who has certainly found their calling in life is Muswell Hill based artist, Ben Wilson. Originally from Cambridge, Ben grew up in a creative environment and aspired to produce natural art from a young age.

In the latter part of his teens, Ben studied art at Middlesex University, however, his time at the institute was short lived due to his distaste to the very over-analytical and formal way in which he was taught - but that was not the end of his career…

After leaving Middlesex, Ben used his repugnance of rubbish, cars and industrial waste as a catalyst for his work and used these discarded urban items, as well as foraged wood, to create stunningly eccentric sculptures and pieces of art to give his local area some real originality and charm - which leads us onto the chewing gum…

After some time, Ben decided to clean up North London by tackling its ever-growing ‘chewing-gum-on-pavement’ epidemic and by painting each individual piece he came across, this innovative craftsman turned a gooey minefield of street waste into aesthetically pleasing, miniature works of art. Armed with a blowtorch and a selection of acrylic paints, this dedicated artist has spent the past eight years bringing vibrancy to the capital with this incredible work and as a result, has picked up quite a lot of media attention, as well as a huge amount of respect from his local community.

The success of Ben’s chewing gum art has sent him all over the world, allowing him to exhibit his eclectic body of work in countries including Finland, Germany and the US - and despite his busy schedule,  the man still shows no signs of slowing down!

So if you do see someone lying face down on the pavement armed with a blowtorch in your local town centre, do stop and say hello - it’s most likely Ben making your streets look beautiful!

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