JOB SEARCH / APR. 13, 2015
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Unusual Jobs Which You Might Not Know About

Sure, there have been people that used to take away poop and then sell it to other people, and that’s pretty weird, but there are jobs that are even more bizarre and, dare I say, even fun. The ones that really jumped out to me were the ‘professional Lego builder’, the ‘forensic ride engineer’, the ‘mattress jumper’, and the ‘professional RC racer’ which seems a little more a Disney character’s job and a lot less real life.

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There are some jobs on this list that are straight out of ‘Dante’s Inferno’ like the ‘crime scene cleaner’, the ‘deer urine harvester’, and the ‘road kill collector’ – awesome. You even have the job that embalms pigs, frogs and other animals, then injects them with latex so students that dissect them can see internal structures. Not only does it involve killing cute little animals, it also involves disturbing school age children. Well, depending on how you see children, that might be a perk.

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