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US Companies Do not Fret at the Idea of Paid Sick Leaves

When you are unable to go to work due to sickness, you get worried because there could be a deduction to your salary. But employees in several states such as San Francisco and Connecticut do not think about such because there is a law about paid sick leaves. If there is such a law, why do most companies do not fret about the idea of paying employees when they are sick and cannot go to work?

According to reports, companies and other businesses established in cities and states where the law about paid sick leaves has already been passed, do not really worry about such policy. To them, the effect of the law to their expenses is not really that huge. In fact, there are already companies who pay their employees during their sick leaves even before the law was passed or approved.

To some businesses, they do not really mind giving such payment to their employees who cannot come to work because they are either sick or they need to take care of a sick family member or relative. The expenses do not really matter because according to those companies who observe such policy, it did not take a big chunk to the company’s profit.

And even workers who have been paid while on medical leave said that the law mandated made them feel secure. They need not to think of getting a lower salary because of absences or leaves due to sickness. They are even glad that there is such a law that considers their situation when it comes to being absent from work because they are sick or they have a sick loved one they have to take care of.

There were surveys conducted about how companies are affected by the law mandated in several cities and states. Surveys showed that out of 251 companies included in the said survey, about 47% of them said that the law had no effects on their costs. If there is, it is just minimal. In fact, most of the companies even stated that they can afford the cost of paid sick leaves.

Companies and other businesses that already followed the law even agreed to the idea of paying their employees days off. They support the law because to them, it is somehow fair to give their workers payment even when they are on leave, after all the leave is reasonable – they are sick or they have to attend to a sick loved one.

Though majority of the companies surveyed do not really fret about the law of paid sick leaves, there are still some smaller businesses that had a hard time accepting and adjusting to the law. This is because to them, they will have to pay twice – the person who is on medical leave and the other person filling up for the job.

But overall, the law mandated about sick leaves does not really scare companies. It was thought that if the law is passed, business would leave the state or city. But it did not happen because most of the companies do not fret about the idea of paid sick leaves; in fact, some of them agreed about it and a few of them already have the policy long before it was passed in the state.


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