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WEB & TECH / FEB. 02, 2015
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How to Use Colors to Enhance Your Ecommerce Site

It takes less than two minutes for visitors to develop a perspective about your ecommerce site. One of the factors that influence opinion is color. It is therefore important for online marketers to understand how color affects their audiences. While some colors have universal meanings, others mean different things to different people. Some of the factors that influence people’s perceptions of colors are the environment where the color is being used, culture, religion, trends, and time period. Therefore, when designing your ecommerce site, you need to take all the above factors into consideration.

Here are some guidelines for using colors successfully on your site:

1. Use blue to inspire trust

This is a color which is commonly used in branding and advertising. Most people associate it with peace, tranquility, loyalty, security, and order. Therefore, using this color on your site gives a subtle message of serenity and trustworthiness. Some of the well-known companies that use blue in their branding include Facebook and PayPal. However, it would not be advisable to use blue if your business involves food.

2. Use bright colors for your calls to action

Most ecommerce sites have calls to action like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Start Selling Today’, or ‘Sign Up Free’. It has been proven that calls to action in bright colors such as yellow, orange, green and red generate the highest rate of conversions. On the contrary, those in dark colors like purple, brown, dark gray and black have very poor conversion rates.

3. Use black to exude value and luxury

Black is a color that is commonly associated with elegance, sophistication, sleekness, power, authority and class. This is why many people in the corporate world prefer to wear black or dark colored suits. Black and other dark tones work well for sites which sell luxury and high value consumer goods.

4. Use orange to create a mood of impulse

Orange is a ‘fun’ color which can be used to kindle confidence, competition and physical activity. This explains why many children’s products and sports teams are branded using orange. Using this color for your call to action makes it stand out and creates a sense of urgency. However, some people also associate orange with cheap.

5. Use green for outdoor or environmental products

Universally, green is associated with the environment, nature and the outdoors. If your site has anything to do with these, green should be the color of choice. In addition, green can also be very effective for your calls to action, especially when there is no other green element on the page.

6. Use appropriate colors for each gender

When designing a site targeting women, use colors such as pink, green, purple and blue to grab their attention and enhance conversions. On the other hand, a site for men works best with colors associated with maleness such as black, green and blue.

The colors used on your site can make or break your online business. Learn how to use colors in the right way, for the right purpose, with the right audience and at the right time.


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