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How to use Facebook's New Call to Action Buttons

Today, Facebook pages are visited by many users for business and pleasure. Therefore, it is important for businesses and companies to create pages that have call to action buttons. Facebook has built call to action buttons that will be available on its pages. The features will offer businesses various options to promote their content. Furthermore, Facebook call to action buttons will give users easy access to your business page and link to any destination that aligns with your business goals. The call to action buttons offers you the chance of better engagement with your current and new customers.

Call to Action Buttons

The call to actions buttons launched by Facebook are:

  • Book now- It gives your customers the chance to make appointments or reservations. Moreover, you can use to promote an upcoming event and provide the link that the user can follow to get details.
  • Contact us- As the name suggests, it makes your contact details available to your Facebook users.
  • Use App- If you have an app for your business, this call to action button offers you the chance to share it.
  • Play game- This button benefits businesses that have gaming applications.
  • Shop now- This button enables your customers to shop online and view products.
  • Sign up- The sign up button enables customers to get newsletters and follow your business.
  • Watch video- For video users this is a great opportunity to make videos available to customers.

Now that you have familiarized with the call to action buttons, here are ways to take advantage of the call to action buttons.

Sell Products

A huge advantage, that Facebook call to action buttons offer, is the opportunity to increase your product sales. The Shop now button allow customers to check out your products and shop for them online, and the use App button enables users to download your App on their mobile device. Furthermore, the Book now button also gives customers the chance to book products and buy them later. Book now and Shop now buttons will certainly improve your sales.

Generate Traffic to Your Site

Another advantage, which comes with having the call to action buttons on your Facebook page, is being able to generate traffic towards your website. The call to action buttons offers you the option of linking them to your website. You can maximize this opportunity to generate traffic to your website. For instance, the watch video button enables you to share your business videos that will appeal to users and make them visit your site.

Push for Registration of a Newsletter or Webinar

The sign up action button offers your customers and potential fans a chance to interact closely with you when they sign up for your newsletters. The call to action button has the option of including a link to your website sign up page or a webinar page. With this option, visitors to your page can receive emails informing them of offers, promotions and new products. Furthermore, you can create an automatic email response to welcome visitors to your business.

Whichever way you choose to use the call to action button, you can add something extra to your profile to encourage Facebook users take the action. The number of users, who visit and click on your page’s call to action buttons, will be displayed under the weekly metrics.

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