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How to Use Google + to Boost Your Business!

Even though Google + isn’t as popular as most social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It still has 359 million active users. However the way that people interact with Google + is quite different than Twitter and Facebook. A lot of Twitter users are constantly posting updates and talking to their friends socially whereas Google + is more useful for promoting your brand or business. One of the reasons for this is because +1’s and shares on Google + are the single best way to improve the exposure of your content to Google Search. This means that having a Google + account can significantly improve your Google Search rankings. So how do you use Google + effectively?

Personal URL

I am assuming you have set up an effective Business page. If not then you can read the article I previously wrote on the subject. First of all you need to set up your own personal URL. Much the same as LinkedIn; you have the option of creating a custom URL. Go to http://gplus.to/ and simply enter your desired nickname in the first box and the numbers which are your Google + ID in the second box. You should then be given your new URL.

Using Hashtags # and @mentions

Using Hashtags and mentions is one of the best ways of getting exposure beyond your immediate audience. By adding @ to hyperlink to someone’s name or a # such as ‘#fashion’ to an update; you can make sure that your updates are indexed correctly and searchable by everyone on Google +.  

Connect Your Google + to Your Website

Making a direct connection between your Google + page and business website can be extremely useful. By placing a Google + badge on your website, users can follow you on Google + without even having to leave your website. This will increase your Google + audience from your website and from within search results. To place the badge on your page simply go to https://developers.google.com/+/web/badge/ enter your website into the box and copy and paste the code that it creates into your website backend.

Participate in and Manage Circles

In Google + you have to engage with members of your circles and other circles you want to become a member of. If you don’t, then your search engine rankings won’t improve. It is the quality of circles not the quantity of circles that matters. The circles should all be relevant to your business. This way the conversations will be meaningful and people will circle you and gain influence.

Quality Content

The real key to Google + is posting great quality content. If you are posting relevant and quality content then people are going to read it, like it and share it. This will all boost your search engine rankings massively. The best content to post is videos. The more quality videos you post the better, and your Google Search rankings will thank you for it.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts also offers you some interesting business tools as it provides a free video chat service which can be used for interviews, panel discussions, live webinars, private meetings or anything you want. This offers you a free way to effectively connect with your customers.

Google + Local

If your business has a physical presence then you should take advantage of Google + Local. If you selected your business type as Local business or Place and you entered a phone number then it will have prompted you to create a local page. Google + Local pages get indexed in search results and reviews, additional details and photos of businesses beside it are displayed. As such, a properly produced Local page which lists most of your important information should get high engagement; increasing your search engine rankings even more.

Google + is not hard to use but it can be a bit daunting trying to figure out exactly how to use it effectively for business. However, if you follow some of the tips above, you should increase the effectiveness of your Google + page significantly.

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