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How to Use Job Market Insight to Establish a Unique Career Role

For some of us, looking back career wise is not an option. We’ve delved so deep into our respective career paths that re-adjusting to a whole new direction would prove to be detrimental to say the least. But here’s the thing; as long as a lucrative career path exists, sooner or later it becomes a famous hot cake. And before you know it, the path is so flooded with competent candidates that you wonder how you’ll survive amid stiff competition. Yet surprisingly enough, some not only survive, but they thrive to such a point that we’re compelled to think they must have cheated or something similar. So what’s their secret anyway?

Gaining Deep Insight into the Job Market
To begin with, achieving success in a flooded career path isn’t possible if you keep playing the game by the books because the game keeps evolving by the day. There’s got to be some exclusive knowledge you’ve got to have to be the best of the best. That’s what separates the big league players from the average Joe’s. Therefore, to thrive and survive in a flooded career path, you’ve got to gain deep insight into job market factors such as:

  • What normalcy bias hooks entice the average Joe’s to stay average? Normalcy bias is essentially a psychological denial of imminent danger especially if in this case you’re addicted to the present comfort zone of your career path. Thus, if you gain insight into such factors in advance, then you’ll always be ten steps ahead even when stiff competition hits hard.
  • Who makes the rules in your career path? Are they subject to manipulation by key individuals or are they just as a result of uncontrolled job market forces such as business cycles and so forth?
  • What are the demographics regarding your career path. For instance, is the turnover high or low? What goods or services dominate your career path? And how about the emerging products and services that are likely to be demanded in future? Should you head into that direction?
  • Are there any effective contingency measures to shield you from job loss even when an economic crisis is imminent? And if there are, what alternatives will effectively keep you going for the long haul?

Once deep job market insight has been established, you’ll now have the authority to consider a wide array of roles that would make you consistently indispensable even as your current roles keep getting new competition by the day. In so doing we should ask...

How do I use Job Market Insights to Establish a Unique Career Role?
Remember, you’re no longer a naive graduate or intern looking to learn new things. You’re now an informed career guru who’s ready to make new rules and reach for new frontiers. Thus, in a bid to maximize on your job market insights, you should:

#1 Set New Standards in your Current Field through Introduction of New Concepts
New standards can only be achieved through innovation. But, innovation is only relevant if it’s fine-tuned to the needs of your current market. Moreover, the innovative concept has got to be convenient enough for your clientele to understand.

#2 Adapt to Globally Oriented Market Rules and Regulations to Attract Foreign Clientele
Your career path might be flooded but maybe it’s from a local perspective. Thus, it will call for you to spread your career tentacles beyond the commonly found borders, and look to establish a global image. However, this can’t be possible if you don’t familiarise with international standards.

#3 Reach into Untapped Market Gaps to Establish a Renowned Reputation in Advance
Many careerists today are well aware of market gaps. However, they’re afraid of tapping into them for fear of failure. However, tough times call for tough measures and it all boils down to choosing the lesser of two evils. It’s either succumbing to the failures of overstaying in your current safe zone or dealing with the inconveniences of adapting to new market gaps. Ultimately, if you succeed in the untapped market gap, then gaining a renowned reputation in advance is almost guaranteed.

#4 Diversify Product and Service Delivery to Enhance Complementary Role
When stiff competition gains a firm foothold in your career path, it all boils down to relevance. And what better way to boost relevance than to diversify your range of complementary goods and services. For instance, a mechanic that services cars can expand his complementary roles by selling spare parts at an attractive discount. This would save clientele from the trouble of having to purchase such products from dealers who would normally sell them at comparatively high prices.

For some of us to effectively establish unique career roles, we would have to go as far as quitting our current jobs to start our own unique ventures. Moreover, it doesn’t make sense to join a flooded career path if your average roles will come with guaranteed unemployment. And unfortunately, many average Joe’s solely depend on academic qualifications to maintain their indispensability. But as we all know, the most successful people in our respective career paths aren’t necessarily the most educated. Plus, they certainly know that lectures can’t conclusively give you job market insights into establishing a unique career role.

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