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WEB & TECH / JAN. 05, 2015
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Use of Technology in Education [infographic]


Technology has become so interwoven into every part of our lives that it has even managed to drastically change the way we educate ourselves and ultimately how we choose to live. As such, it should come as no surprise that in order to be able to carry out our work effectively we need a computer and an internet connection of some kind. More specifically it is truly amazing how technology is currently being used to facilitate learning in various educational institutions and by a number of students, teachers and professors.

This infographic by LearnStuff provides information on how technology is being used in education in contrast to previous years. It offers a useful insight on how technology has practically changed our lives and how it made learning easier and accessible.

Check out key facts from the infographic:

  • 70% of children aged 2 to 5 can use a computer mouse but only 11% can tie their shoes.
  • 98% of classrooms have been using the internet in 2012 whereas only the 51% were in 1998.
  • Tablets have become extremely popular within education as over 90% of students prefer tablets than books.
  • 91% college professors use social media as part of their work.
  • The percentage of students using Twitter has increased by 84% since 2009.

These figures can say a lot in terms of the usage of technology in our lives as well as its practicality and usefulness in the learning process. However, we need to be aware of its negative impact on students and society in general. For example, are we in danger of relying too much on what technology can do and are ending up not trying at all?

Check out this useful infographic to get more information in regards to how technology is being used within classrooms!

Image courtesy of Learnstuff

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