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How to use Pinterest to Find Candidates

In the past year, the social networking site - Pinterest, has dramatically evolved from being a fun and informative way to share images and ideas, to a place that enables job seekers and recruiters to augment their recruitment success. Many businesses are realizing the value of the site as both a recruitment tool (for example, as a way to advertise job vacancies) and a way to source potential candidates.

Search for candidates

Pinterest is an excellent way to find unique and interesting candidates. It is particularly useful if you are looking for candidates who are creative and forward thinking, as it gives a visual insight into the individual’s personality and their way of thinking (something that a traditional CV is incapable of achieving). 

Depending on your needs as a recruiter, you can search for candidates via pins, boards and individuals, using keywords such as ‘My CV’, ‘Marketing Resume’ or ‘Graphic Designer’. Viewing candidates this way is far more interesting than a paper CV and gives you a much broader scope of the individual’s capabilities.

Create a Pinterest page

The nature of your Pinterest page will depend on the size of your company and the size of your hiring needs. For example, you may wish to ask each department to create its own individual board, or you could have a number of boards displaying the company’s culture, history, products, services, and available jobs. Companies of all types and sizes are using Pinterest as a way to market themselves, advertise their available vacancies, and attract a more unique workforce.


Pinterest is an easy-to-use social media tool that is dramatically growing in interest amongst job seekers and recruiters. Using some of the techniques listed above will enable recruiters to find a more diverse, creative and appealing candidate pool. 

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