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How to Use Pinterest to get a Job

Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows users to market themselves and explore potential careers, industries and employers. In the past 2 years it has emerged from being a social networking site used for sharing fun pictures and ideas, to a place where job seekers and recruiters can achieve recruitment success.

Pinterest’s popularity and success is having a profound effect on individuals, businesses, brands, companies and organizations, and is significantly changing the way that people do business. Thousands of job seekers are turning to Pinterest to seek employment and market their skills, whilst at the same time business professionals are seeking Pinterest to find top candidates.

Pinterest enables users to improve their employment opportunities in a number of ways. The following are some tips on how better to enhance your career prospects with Pinterest:

#1 Optimize your Pinterest Profile

Optimizing your profile will assist you in taking advantage of search engine exposure, which will consequently gain you better exposure amongst recruiters. You can include a number of keywords within your profile that link to your desired job, as well as links to your own website, LinkedIn profile or Twitter page.

#2 Set up an online CV and portfolio

You can use Pinterest to collect samples of your work. Label one or more of your boards ‘My Resume’ or something similar, to avoid confusion and make it easy to find. If you have had work published, include links to your work on one of your boards, or if you are an aspiring photographer or designer, include images of some of the work that you have done.

#3 Dedicate a board specifically to careers you are interested in

If you are looking for employment within a specific industry you can create a board that includes information about your desired profession. This will appeal to recruiters and demonstrate your interest in gaining employment within this sector.

#4 Follow professionals

Professionals on Pinterest can include university career centers, job websites and career development coaches. There are numerous industry-specific professionals on Pinterest which lead to tips on enhancing career success and how to find the best jobs.

#5 Leave comments

Being an active member of Pinterest and engaging in conversation with career experts or industry professionals may lead to career success.

#6 Maintain professionalism

Avoid pinning images of cute animals or delicious meals if you are using the site to find employment. All of your boards combined create an overall impression of the type of individual that you are, therefore it is crucial that your boards positively reflect who you are.

Use all the above tips and kick start your Pinterest job search today!

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