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How to Use Recruitment Agencies to Find a Job

Recruitment Agencies

In today’s current employment climate you can search for a job on your own or work with a recruitment agency to help you. If you’re deciding whether or not to work with a recruitment agency, you need to do your research first. It is important to find the right recruitment agency for your specific employment needs. According to Glen Cathy, “5% of all US LinkedIn Profiles accounts for recruiting, sourcing and HR Professionals. While 5% may seem like a small number, it is a disproportionately large representation of the profession—it literally means that 1 out of every 20 LinkedIn profiles in the US” is such a recruiter or HR professional. This article will address the best ways to utilize a recruitment agency to assist in your job search.

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Developing a Game Plan

Your journey will begin with developing a game plan which includes a process for ascertaining whether or not you are working with the right recruitment agency for your employment needs. The following five tests will be helpful to you in evaluating the specific agency representative that you’ll be working with.

  1. Interest Meter – does this recruiter seem to genuinely care to represent you or do you feel as if you’re not a priority to this person?
  2. Truth Test – how well does your recruiter know you, your specific skill set and the industry you’re trying to get employment in?
  3. Job Role – does the recruiter seem to know the ins and outs of each prospective employment position he or she is referring to you or is his or her knowledge vague?
  4. Trust Test – does the recruiter keep the lines of communication open with you throughout all the stages and advise you of the progression and set-backs?
  5. Success Meter – what does this recruiter’s network look like and has this person been giving you sage advice on preparing for interviews and how to act?

Finding a Recruitment Agency

We’ve already established that there are many recruitment agencies available to assist you in your employment needs. The following is a listing of various online directories you can search through to find an agency which best suits your professional requirements.

US Recruiters Network

The Recruiter Network

Online Recruiters Directory

Head Hunters Directory

Recruiter Red Book


Evaluating Yourself

During this process of working with a recruitment agency, it is vital that you are open to constructive criticism and completely understand your current skillset. Prior to meeting with the representative from the recruitment agency, you should follow the following preparation steps.

1. Self-Evaluation

During this first step, you must take an inward look and fully understand your idea of a dream career. If you don’t know what you want in a job, how are you going to explain your thoughts regarding future employment to a recruiter?

2. Skillset Review

After you have an idea of what you are looking for in a prospective job, you should then do a skillset review. The recruiter is going to ask you questions regarding your work experience and skillset. You may even have to take a skillset assessment exam with some agencies. It is important to be self-aware and prepared for your first interview with the recruiter.

3. Crafting Resume

Crafting the perfect resume is going to assist you in your efforts to find a job. Some recruitment agencies will help you with resume editing and applying proper formatting techniques. Be prepared for the recruiter to review your resume with a trained eye, which may lead to some constructive criticism. Remember that it is the job of the recruiter to find you the most suitable employment matching your current work experience and skillset.

4. Schedule Interview

After you have completed your introspective journey, evaluated your skillset and have crafted the best resume, you should contact the recruitment agency of your choice and schedule an appointment. Dress appropriately in professional attire along with good grooming as if you were attending a job interview. Meeting with a recruiter is good practice for your next interview with a prospective employer. Pay attention during the meeting and accept the constructive advice.

5. Retain Agency

If the meeting goes well, you should retain the agency and complete the necessary paperwork to sign up for assistance in your search. During this portion of the process, be sure to ask questions and receive clarification on the next steps in the journey toward employment.

6. Follow Up

The recruiter’s job is going to be to find you employment. However, that does not mean you should remove yourself from the equation. You must be proactive in your follow-up efforts with the agency. If you haven’t heard from the recruiter within the allotted time he or she specified, call the office and ask to speak to this individual.

Utilizing a recruitment agency to assist you in finding employment will become an easier process if you first develop your game plan and understand your goals. By following the suggestions listed in this article, you will increase your chances of employment success.

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