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How to Use Sex As A Power Play

As the most rewinded scene in the history of cinema can testify, sex can be used against you (it’s the main image of the article you dingbat). It resulted in Sampson losing his hair and crying uncontrollably because, and I quote “I can’t even…sniff, sniff”, John the Baptist getting his head served up like a $30 dollar porter-house steak on silver platter to the extraordinarily hot (for the biblical era) Queen Jezebel. Oh…those stories were created to demonize the sexuality of women and women themselves? Um, you know what? I’ve already written myself into something bible thumpers are going to get their habits into a bunch about so let’s move on to a more contemporary time. Sex is often used as an action of dominance and we’ve seen a fair share of powerful tally-wacker waggers get done in by their over active libido. Berlusconi, Clinton and the Terminator turned Governator, Schwarzenegger, have all visited beds outside their martial one (and it wasn’t for diplomatic purposes if you get my drift) and been worse for wear because of it. Power is a turn-on, an aphrodisiac, a mental BOING! pill. The question is, can sex be used transversely, to gain power?

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Oh, course it can you silly goose

What do you think Cleopatra was doing with Marc Anthony? Yeah, they were doing that too, but what was her motivation, her agenda? Did you know that Cleopatra not only had a relationship with Julius Caesar, but also had a child as a result of it? At the time that Julius was 52 and Cleopatra was just 22. So not only was Julius, who controlled the west part of the Roman Empire, tied by blood bonds to Cleopatra, she was also in a relationship with Marc Anthony who controlled the other part of the Roman Empire (which included Greece and the Middle-East). Not only that but Cleopatra also hoped that Caesarion (literally little Caesar) would succeed his father as Emperor of the Roman Empire. This was slightly botched by the fact that he was murdered by Octavius, Caesars adoptive son, who then went after Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. But that’s not the point of the story; the point is Cleopatra used her feminine wiles, successfully to seduce power players of the Roman era.

Catherine the Great (ho)

This plump, rosy cheeked empress was a zealous connoisseur of the nasty. Her accession to power was more a vicarious one, as her mother mediated a union between Catherine and future Tsar, Peter III (who was still an archduke at the time). That was just the beginning of her sex propelled foray into politics. Peter and Catherine never really clicked as a couple and when I say didn’t click, I mean Peter preferred to keep multiple mistresses company instead of his betrothed. That wasn’t a problem though as Catherine had her fair share of noblemen love-bunnies too. Peter though, started enacting various policies that created controversy amongst nobles, the military and the mighty Orthodox Church. Seeing an opportunity, Catherine convinced her lover (who was also coincidently a Russian Lieutenant), Gregory Orlov and a group of other military men to overthrow Peter. They ratified a coup and shortly after Peter was assassinated, Catherine was made Empress.  This was done without any suspicion that it might have been Catherine, even though the people who killed him were implicated with the Orlov brother, and even though he was her lover, but it was totally not Catherine you guys. Now a widow, Catherine seized the opportunity to fly her freak flag high and made sure she had a fresh supply of man meat that was carefully selected, screened and “tested” (by Duchess Bruce one of Catherine’s girlfriends) and then paid for their service to the crown. Or servicing the crown I should say. She proved to be an extremely competent empress and managed to rapidly expand the Russian Empire’s territories, even taking Poland and giving the country’s rule to yet another former lover of hers, Stanislaw Poniatowski. After a peace agreement with Turkey, the Empress put a former war hero, Gregory Potemkin, in charge of newly added territories in the south. She also loved him long time.  Potemkin proved to be a capable politician, statesmen and lover (I’m going to assume he was basically a Russian Rambo, but more bad-ass because he used a musket and swords instead of huge machine guns). Throughout her sexual escapades with dignitaries, nobles and military men, Catherine made allies with her ex-lovers by giving them rank, land and money after their trysts, thus guaranteeing the favor of these powerful people. She became a well loved and successful ruler, even if everyone knew she was a freak. Because in Russia the Government Body scr*ws you! Oh, so it’s the same all over the world I guess.

Sexy Spy Sex

OK, I was being superfluous with the title on this one, but there are unending lists of people that used sex to get information from opponents and competitors, otherwise known as Screw-nteligence operations…there not? Damn it, can we maybe add that to the lexicon? Come on! Fine. One of the most famous screw-nteligence agents was Mata Hari, an exotic dancer of Dutch origin that was a double agent during WWII. The slogan “Loose lips sink ships” takes a whole new meaning huh? Then there’s the infamous “honey-pot,” Anna Chapman (look guys don’t shoot the messenger, I know that “honey-pot” is extremely offensive and disgustingly derogatory, but that’s what they call a spy that tries to get information using sex) who was caught and deported from the U.S.

The Bastard Daughter of a Pope

Beautiful, graceful, poised and buxom, Lucrezia Borgia was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI and lived during the Italian Renaissance. According to documents, she was exquisitely beautiful and just as learned and intelligent; a combination of characteristics highly admired during the Renaissance. And her father used her like a sexy pawn piece to further his power (he was Pope for Pete’s sake, how much more power did he need?). Within a period of 3 years Lucrezia’s father had her engaged and annulled the engagements twice to two dignitaries before finally marrying her to Giovanni Sforza, a member of a powerful Italian family. Poor Sforza was unable to consummate the wedding…um let’s say his canolli was a little soggy, and the Pope started pressuring Sforza to annul the wedding with his daughter. Not that the Pope wanted passionately for his daughter to be…how do I say this delicately?…ah! Consummate (that’s more innocuous that “boned” right?), he didn’t need Sforza anymore and was looking yet again to be his daughter’s pimp for political prostitution. Like I said, Lucrezia was stunning so it made sense that Sforza would want to stay married to her, but his assassin had slightly different plans. After more power-play weddings, Lucrezia settled down with Alfonso d’Este, Duke of Ferrara and had 10 freakin’ kids with him. 10!

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Are there any other famous people you know that used sex as a power play? Let me know in the comment section below.  



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