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JOB SEARCH / AUG. 15, 2014
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How to Use the Improving Housing Market to Find a Job

The housing market bust appears to be past the darkest point of decline, although new construction continues to lag behind the sales of existing homes. Don’t take that lag as bad news, however, as it could turn out to be just the thing you need to land steady employment in a high paying job. New housing construction experiences downturns with regularity, but eventually it bounces back and it is just a matter of time before things get back to where they were before the housing market collapsed. Here are some of those jobs that you should start planning for if you want to be in on this economic upturn.

Brick Masons

Brick masons are among the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ top ten fastest growing occupations for the next decade. Brick masons are absolutely essential to the construction of brick homes, of course, but even those homes constructed of building material more easily blown down by big bad wolves may require the services of a talented bricklayer. Fireplaces, chimneys, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and patios all mean potential work for the bricklayer when the new construction boom starts. The median wage for brick masons in 2012 - when the housing market was only just starting to come out of its doldrums -was more than $46,000. Once competition becomes keener as more construction jobs become available, expect wages to push higher.

Insulation Workers

Guess what is the only other job in the home construction industry that is expected to grow at a faster rate than brick masonry? The wildly accelerated pace of openings for jobs related to working with insulation materials is only partially related to the expected comeback of new home construction. Workers will also find jobs removing existing insulation in older homes by new homeowners wanting to replace it with more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient insulation.  For this reason, getting the training now to find full time work as a result of the housing market bouncing back will provide you with the experience you need to enjoy long-term employment in a niche within the construction industry somewhat less subject to fluctuations in the new home construction.

Decorating and Design

Not all jobs poised to take advantage of a return of new home construction to peak levels are in the blue-collar part of the business. A big part constructing a new domicile is the transformation of that house into home. That means that a boom in new houses is also going to be a boom to the all aspects of the decorating and design business. Which is a field that stretches from the architect hired to turn your dream house idea into blueprint - through to the design specialist who assists homeowners in choosing décor - to the landscape architect capable of turning a half-vacant lot of property into a backyard wonderland. 

Solar Energy

Solar energy covers a wide spectrum of jobs when applied to new home construction. The momentum is most definitely shifting in favor of using solar energy to power at least some parts of the home. Since it is easier to build solar power equipment into the design of a brand new house than to convert an existing one, getting the training and background to do this work should definitely pay off over the next decade.  Obviously, any position related to installing photovoltaic cells and solar panels will be primed for full employment, but construction firms need more than that.  The solar energy sector of new home construction requires experienced electricians, roofers, pipe-fitters and even plumbers.

When the boom comes, it will bring with it an explosive opportunity for those equipped the right skills, talent and abilities. For those who are not prepared to jump right in and take advantage, the coming boom in new construction will be a lost opportunity of enormous significance

Image Source: When Americans Think the Housing Market Will Recover


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