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Use These Online Tools to Impress Potential Employers

As a job seeker your biggest struggle is getting noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. The sea of competition is vast, and more often than not, it’s just as qualified as you are, so setting yourself apart from the competition can be tiring.

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Experts agree that your resume shouldn’t be too long, so even if you want to list every single detail about yourself, you can’t do that- you don’t want hiring managers to get bored while going through your resume, and a long resume is bound to do that. So, the way to impress potential employers is by creating a resume that will be impressive, this way you are bound to attract the potential employer’s attention. That’s not to say you should send ridiculous resumes to the hiring manager and expect them to take you seriously, but you can try using online tools that will spice up your presence.

1. OPResume

OPResume is a great tool for job seekers as it allows its users to use free access to message boards, industry news and job search tools. It’s also very user friendly and you can use it to create your online resume and your online portfolio. OPResume comes with lots of free cool features, for example it provides you with a personalized QRCode that will definitely help set you apart. It also comes with over 20 inspiring designs so you are certain to find something to fit your character.


If you are looking for something to help set you apart from the rest of the competition then what you are looking for is helps you create and promote your personal brand online by helping you create your personal website, no technical skills are required and the whole process is very fast. The result is a professional looking website that would get even the most reluctant hiring managers to give you a chance.

3. SlideShare

Slideshare is one of the 120 most visited websites in the world and that should tell you something about its popularity. Professionals from all around the world trust Slideshare to learn about anything from experts, so this makes SlideShare a highly credible website. As a job seeker you can create your own interactive Slideshare to tell your story, just imagine what having your personal Slideshare would say to employers.


With over two million infographics created using it won’t be too hard entrusting your resume to this website. At you can create a fun infographic resume that is bound to get noticed. You can select among thousands of templates, re-arrange items and categories as you see fit and basically change everything around in order to better highlight your potential on your resume.

5. ConnectCV

ConnectCV is a pretty straightforward website that can help those individuals who are in less creative industries. It can help you create your CV, which you can easily edit either through the website or through their app. You can use their multi-sharing options to share your resume on various platforms and you can also use their CV samples and CV tips to understand how to make the greatest impact with your resume.

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It’s important to remember the fastest way to impress potential employers is by making their lives easier, and to do that present them with a straightforward version of who you are and what you can do. The tools listed above can help you do just that and much more.

What other online tools can you think of to help impress potential employers? Share with us in the comment section below.

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