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How to Use Twitter to Hire Employees

As recruiters adopt innovative strategies to hire employees, it is no surprise that social media is being given a lot of importance.  With an estimated 1 billion active users on Facebook – which is one seventh of the entire world population – social media is an indispensible option to incorporate into your recruitment plan. This begins with the basic 3 – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Together these ‘Big Three’ dominate the social media sphere, thus providing recruiters with the perfect outlet to find and hire potential employees.

With an estimated 500 million active users worldwide, Twitter has taken the space o 140 characters and provided individuals with the opportunity to engage in a global conversation. Being the most used medium of micro blogging, Twitter is a leader in social media that generates over 340 million tweets on a daily basis. This is the reason why recruiters are advised to use this vast, free and global medium to hire employees.

Company Twitter Account

The majority of companies incorporate social media to build their company voice and brand. When using Twitter to hire, it is advised to set up a separate account that is based on careers within your company. For example, Microsoft has a dedicated jobs account @MicrosoftJobs – which is completely separate to their primary account @Microsoft. By having a career oriented account, employers are able to ensure that they build a following of avid users who wish to find out about vacancies and recruitment news from the company.

Network to Build a Following

Companies that create job related accounts to advertise their vacancies are able to use this account as a marketing outlet. Tweet important news and trends in the hiring industry to provide your followers with useful information. This will help you network and build a strong following of people interested in working for your firm.

Social Media Check

Apart from being a marketing and advertising tool, Twitter offers recruiter the chance to perform a background check on potential candidates. You are able to view the Twitter page of other individuals, read their tweets and see the information that they share with the public. Employers can easily assess the individual’s social media activity and understand the kind of persona they maintain online. However, it is advised not to base your decision on an individual’s Twitter profile as it may be misleading. 

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