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SOCIAL MEDIA / DEC. 22, 2014
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How To Use Your Social Media Skills To Land Your Dream Job

Over 40% of employers have admitted to using social media as a way of getting to know job candidates. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly important for you to understand how the various social media platforms you utilize reflect on both your personal life and professional goals.

Your interactions on social media can attract the attention of various potential employers, and below are ways in which your online profile can elicit positive reactions from potential employers. You may just find yourself taking up that dream job!

Develop a Professional Reputation

Like your resume, you can use your social media page to provide information about your professional qualifications, such as the schools you attended, subjects you studied, work experience and special skills. There are particular social media sites specifically dedicated to creating professional profiles and joining work-related networks. A good platform you could use is LinkedIn.

Be Part of What’s Trending

Social media has quickly become a way of gaining information not just about friends and family, or general entertainment news. You can also interact with and get the latest updates from various organizations, firms and companies. Many of them either have pages you can ‘Like’ or handles you can follow to keep abreast with what is going on. A potential employer can gauge your professional interests based on the companies you follow or like on your profile.

Have a Personality

About 43% of employers consider ‘cultural fit’ as an important factor in the final hiring decision. Even though you want to build a professional platform to attract potential employers, your profile should illustrate that you’re a relatable person. Always include updates that tell more about your hobbies and interests.

Distinguish between Personal and Professional Information

Social media is the way in which you communicate with friends and family as well as with the world. You don’t want a future employer to see those pictures of you falling on the pavement because you were too drunk on a Friday night, or the tweet you put up badmouthing a friend or colleague. In all your interactions, sift through what you consider to be content for public access, and where to apply privacy settings. Facebook, for instance, personalizes settings so you can keep certain personal details away from public view.

Build a Network

The kind of people you associate with online tell potential employers the kind of person you are. Furthermore, you may have a friend online who work for certain companies you are interested in being a part of. You could use them to pitch your interest and experience, to inform you about job postings and to learn more about the career field of your interest. This way, you can have a group of people to go back to for references or opportunities and openings.

You now realize that you can do so much more on your social media page that simply put up status updates about what you’re having for breakfast and the party you attended last night.

Social media has revolutionized our engagement with the world and opened up various ways through which we can interact with individuals and organizations. The way you utilize social networks shows a potential employer how adept you are in using the internet to appropriately represent yourself and they may be interested in having you represent them.


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