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WEB & TECH / APR. 09, 2014
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Useful Sites for Boosting Twitter Marketing

The power of Twitter as a marketing medium cannot be ignored. With over 645 million registered users and around 135,000 new users signing up each day, there is a staggering amount of potential for reaching out to a network of people interested in your product or services.

Here are a few sites that can help you harness the power of Twitter:

1 Follower Wonk

This site allows you to search for users who have specific keywords in their bio. So let’s say that you’re a plumber in Leicester. By searching ‘plumber Leicester’ you will be able to find your competitors on Twitter. You can then visit their pages and find users interested in following the competitor, meaning that they are likely to be interested in following you.

The next steps are to follow those people and engage with them in the hopes of having them follow back. Once you have gained a large enough following, you can then use your Twitter account for marketing purposes.

Another feature that you can use for free is ‘sort followers’ which can be used to analyse your followers. It ranks users as regards to how many tweets they’ve sent, their overall social authority and much more. This will help you to pick out your strongest connections. Getting an #FF from someone with a high social authority can help to increase your following.

2 Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is a massive time-saver! First of all, it displays all of your activity on one page i.e. your tweets, messages, activity and home feed. This is useful for monitoring your account quickly and easily.

But where the real benefits of Tweet Deck can be seen is the section where you can schedule tweets. So let’s say you’re a writer and you’ve just written a new blog. Using Tweet Deck you can schedule a tweet twice a month for the next six months featuring a link to your blog.

No matter what your business is; this site can be utilized for many purposes. Let’s say you’re a very busy estate agent with an hour to spare. You can schedule regular tweets for the next couple of months which might feature relevant news stories, information about your business or links to your site. Not only does this keep your followers engaged and prevents  them from unfollowing, it also markets your site and business.

3 Twtbizcard

This is essentially a digital business card that takes very little time to set up. First of all you enter all of your social media details such as your LinkedIn profile, Facebook Url, Pinterest account etc.

Next you add your business details i.e. your email address, phone numbers. Then there’s a section for a bio, a link to your website and basically all of the important info that you may want someone to know about.

Then every time you tweet a user using #twtbizcard users will be able to retrieve all of this information too. They will get a confirmation tweet with a link to your digital business card. Not only is this is a simple way to get all of your business information to potential clients, but you can build your following on other social networks as well!

By using these sites you will be able to build a network of followers and use Twitter effectively. Don’t forget that there are a few general and obvious rules to using Twitter as a marketing tool such as tweeting regularly using relevant hashtags and trending topics.


Image Source: Mashable

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