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Using LinkedIn to Find Your Next Recruit

LinkedIn may be a social networking site, but it has become one of the most valuable tools used by recruiters in today’s social media savvy society. Not only is LinkedIn a cost effective resource, but employers are able to reach a mass audience of over 175 million users.

As a leading professional networking site, it has become one of the most effective mediums to locate potential employees.

Here are a few examples of how to use LinkedIn to find your next recruit:

#1 Build a LinkedIn business page

  • By exposing your brand across the professional networking site, you can generate interest from passive candidates and enhance your company profile significantly.
  • Be sure to include industry keywords when writing your business page. Also, update your company information regularly.
  • Oftentimes, candidates may not know how to approach your business to enquire about job opportunities; a LinkedIn profile gives them a direct route to contact your business.

# Post a job on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn provides employers with the opportunity to post job vacancies and target a wide group of high quality candidates
  • You can specify exact requirements for the role, the location of the job and how you would like to receive the applications
  • Real-time analytics allow you to assess the popularity of your post by obtaining figures regarding the number of job post views it has received.

# Headhunt

  • As a leading networking site, most people who are registered on LinkedIn are either open to hearing about new jobs, or are actively looking for new career or networking opportunities.
  • By having the means to directly connect and message potential employees, you can headhunt in a more cost effective and direct manner.

# Network

  • It is advisable as a business to connect with previous/current employees, industry professionals, other businesses, trusted connections and family business contacts.
  • By connecting with an influential, valuable and helpful group of contacts, you can increase your chances of locating new employees based on referrals.

# Participate in a group discussion on LinkedIn

  • Joining a group or simply participating in a group discussion on a topic relevant to your business will enable you to connect with like-minded people.
  • Through discussing industry developments for example, you can find out which individuals have the skills and interest in working within your industry; allow you to then connect with them individually and inform them about your job vacancy.

# Conduct a search

  • LinkedIn provides an advanced search tool, which allows employers to search for prospective candidates with ease.
  • Using the filter option, you can specify the exact type of candidates that would suit the job vacancy and then obtain a list of all the relevant professionals to contact.


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