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Using Temperature To Hack Computers: Are You Terrified Yet?

Not only have Ben Gurion University researchers managed to hack a computer by just using heat, they have actually managed to hack the most secure computer in the world! Yes as if this interconnected world of information sharing and zero privacy could become any more terrifying, people can now hack computers with heat…HEAT!!! Well to get technical it uses the computer’s heat sensors to gain access….but still, THEIR HACKING COMPUTERS WITH HEEEAAAT!!! You know that thing that emanates from your body, is ready-made by the sun and can be produced by a properly functioning a lighter. Well, It can also hack the most secure computer in the world.

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Air Gapped Computers

That shouldn’t make any sense to you, and that’s absolutely fine, if you’re not involved in the military, processing credit card or debit card payments or deal in sensitive data and materials. Basically, Air Gap or Air Gapped computers are computers that are not connected to any other computer or device with access to an internal or external network. This means that until the Ben Gurion University dudes hacked these computers using Airhopper (the Android app used in the vid below), the only way to access information on Air Gap or Air Gapped computers was to physically interact with them either using a USB or another type of physical media.

All you need is LOVE an FM enabled phone

Yup as demonstrated by an all too hairy hand in the video below (I mean seriously, have they also managed to create a human-ape hybrid? Or have they inseminated a bear with human DNA and the person in the video is its horrific offspring? I mean look at it, it’s more paw than it is hand!!!). Ok, once the soul shattering terror of the fact that there are humans with that much hair on their bodies has subsided, the creeping terror that the Ape-man used a Samsung S3 (which is not even a latest Gen phone) to key log a computer that is connected to nothing but itself hits you. There is not one single device we use today that we spend and save our most personal moments on that is impervious to penetration. I used ‘penetration’ because it’s kind of a gross word and want to convey the gravity of this terrifying situation.


As in any testosterone fest action movie, one person will say: “If this fell into the wrong hands…” and it will. You know how I know this? Because under the actual video by Ben Gurion University, the gate keepers of this potentially destructive technology, people were already commenting: “How do this? For ‘research’ purposes” and “From where airhopper can be downloade.” Quite an eloquent bunch aren’t they? Granted there are also the skeptics saying governments take extensive measures to protect their Air Gap computers. However, even with beefed up security, hackers and spies still manage to get their hands on, and leak, sensitive information.

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Are you as freaked out as I am about this? Well if you are I’m attempting to go back to the 1980s when things were simple and electronics were used primarily to control a plumber that stomped on mushrooms. I guess you just had to be there.


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