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Vivek Murthy, the First American-Indian Surgeon General

Not only is Dr. Murthy the first American-Indian Surgeon General, he is also the youngest person to hold the position affectionately known as “America’s Doctor”. Fighting a strong opposition from National Rifle Association lobbyists and obstruction from the Republican Party, Dr. Murthy succeeded in being appointed as S.G. At just 37 years of age. Here are a few milestones of his life that can teach us about succeeding ethically and being a champion of the common good. 

Dr. Vivek Murthy, New Surgeon General

Image source: huffingtonpost

Dr. Murthy’s family moved to America from England when he was just three years old. After graduating secondary level education as a valedictorian, he studied at Harvard and was awarded his degree in just three years. In six short years he followed up his education at Yale with a degree in internal medicine AND a Master of Business Administration. With the immediate conclusion of his studies he became a Brigham and Woman’s Hospital physician.

Vivek Murthy was awarded a degree in biochemical sciences from Harvard and then achieved a combined degree of Medicine and Business from Yale. He is a practicing physician, the founder of TrialNetwork a company dedicated to helping pharmaceutical companies better manage their clinical trials so they can bring to market beneficial drugs quicker and safely, and is founder of Visions Worldwide a non-profit organization that is dedicated to combating A.I.D.S. in India. To say Dr. Murthy is dedicated to the greater good would be a gross understatement.

He also happens to be a very strong anti-gun and pro-Obama-Care proponent which puts him solidly on the First Line of the Republicans’ poo-list (sorry about the kindergarten version, I am writing about a Surgeon General after-all).

With opposition though comes recognition. Dr. Murthy is well known by both parties (and their lobbyists of course) regarding his stance on gun-laws in the United States. He is an advocate of sanctions restricting the purchase and possession of firearms, banning of assault weapons and more in-depth background checks before allowing firearm purchase and possession. 

This has proven to be the most controversial and contested of his perspectives regarding public health. Obesity is a well-known issue, so is smoking but gun-control has always been a strange double edge sword. A double edged sword without a handle, anywhere you touch it, it could hurt you (in a purely metaphorical sense pertaining to politics, luckily no such sword has ever been manufactured).

This is in a country that has already experienced 278 mass shootings this year (which is still a month away from ending). Homicides involving firearms sum up to a whopping 11.068 people a year with a rate of 4 people per 100.000 population. That equates to 55 New York City blocks worth of people lost to gun violence. A pro-gun argument should be nothing but moot considering the aforementioned deaths. 

Vivek Murthy pursued noble causes for no other reason than to better the world. Due to his great work in the field though he reaped unseen benefits such as being nominated as S.G. which now allows him the chance to help even more people than before. All this combined with hard work and talent have made Dr. Murthy the new surgeon general.  

How to do you feel about the appointment of Dr.Murthy? Please let us know in the comment section below. 


Main Image Source: ideastream

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