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Want to be Happy, Time Rich and Earning Good Money? Read this.

Why is it so important to do a job you enjoy? Many people apply for jobs purely based on a desire to be employed and earn money. Many also consider the importance of having a career outweighs whether or not a person actually enjoys what they do. It is easy to get wrapped up in a desire to get promoted and achieve the desired title and status that goes with that; and of course the financial reward. Climbing the career ladder with this kind of mentality often results in people being cash rich but time poor, with little energy or space left for a personal and family life.

When you are a go getting undergraduate, it is easy to assume that you'll fall easily into the best career for you. People usually base their degree choices on future job prospects without any knowledge of what the subject, never mind the job, is actually like on a daily basis. These choices are often made with little or no work experience of any kind. The previous government encouraged everyone to undertake university study as a route to gainful employment, without considering that most young people have little or no idea of what they really want to do. Is it really realistic to expect school leavers to know what path to follow, when many adults still don't know if they're in the right career?

Before going to university or college, people should try out different jobs and research what they involve in the short and long term. After graduating, there should be absolutely no shame in trying out different roles in different areas before deciding how best to carve out one's career. The most successful people do not find their niche area on the first attempt, and this is very important for new graduates to bear in mind as they start out on the career ladder.

Whatever age or stage you find yourself at, doing a job that gives you pleasure as well as financial reward is very important. You will find that it is much easier to be a success if you genuinely want to create something or provide a service for a certain group of people. If you are self employed, which is a means of achieving financial freedom for many; you'll probably need to dedicate a lot of your time to your work. This will not happen, or will be very difficult, if you are not passionate about your trade. Doing work you enjoy will allow you to keep yourself motivated and productive during the most difficult of periods in your career. If you are working for an employer, genuinely caring about your work will be highly visible to your boss, allowing you faster progression to promotion. Some of the most frustrated people on the planet are those who do jobs they hate and spend all day watching the clock, waiting for the time to leave. These people will never enjoy success, and a career will seem like a far off dream for them.

That's all very well, you say, but how am I supposed to know what I will enjoy doing? Try new things every day, in both your work and home life. Read as much as possible about topics that interest you. Talk to people who are happy in their work to find out what makes the difference for them. Make a list of your talents and abilities, and see how you can link them to an employment or business opportunity. If you make the effort, you'll reap the rewards, personally and financially. So, what are you waiting for?


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