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Warning Signs of a Bad Candidate from the Offset

During the interview process you may find yourself in a situation where you are faced with a ‘bad’ candidate. What exactly is a bad candidate and how do you spot one? Knowing how to spot a bad candidate early on helps to reach hiring decisions quickly and conveniently, meaning that you can draw the interview to a close sooner than anticipated and move on with the next interview...

Attitude problem

When a person has a negative attitude they will always assume that there is something wrong with other people, and never themselves. If there is a problem, it is always your fault, not their own.

Hiring an individual with a bad attitude can cause serious problems in the workplace. Bad moods crop up, arguments occur and an ‘it’s not fair’ attitude seems to permeate the workforce. But having such a negative attitude in the office will eventually seep into the mindset of others, and it is crucial that you spot an attitude problem in the interview before making a fundamental hiring mistake.

During the interview you can ask questions such as:

‘Do you prefer to work alone or are you happy to work as a team?’

‘What relationships did you build in your previous place of employment?’

‘Would you say that you are easy to get along with?’

Know it all

You know the one – the candidate that seems to think they know everything there is to know about everything, including your business. This sort of behavior is frustrating, irritating and completely off-putting. 

As a recruiter or hiring manager you will always have the upper hand during an interview and candidates need to approach the setting with a certain degree of respect for the interviewer as ultimately, they are there in the hope of being offered employment.


Does the candidate have an unkempt appearance? Are they dressed inappropriately? Are they chewing gum? It is surprising how many job seekers think that their qualifications alone are enough to land them the job of their dreams. But looking the part also plays an important role in your decision-making process.

A negative appearance demonstrates the attitude of the job seeker and should immediately indicate to you that they are not suitable enough to be hired.



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