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Warning! This Candidate Could Spell Trouble!

You’ve reached the arduous task of having to find another employee for an available vacancy. Yes this process can take some time, and the challenge of finding someone who’s going to be worthwhile in the long-run can be a stressful and difficult decision to make. But it is vital that you take each step carefully and professionally, in order to avoid hiring a candidate that will ultimately spell trouble in the workplace.

Assess their behaviour

Before, during and after the interview, assess how they behave. Do they seem anxious and fidgety? Do they check their phone while waiting to be seen? Are they unprofessional from the offset? Though nerves play a key role in one’s behaviour during the early moments of the interview, it is also essential to assess professionalism. Someone who is fidgety, uncomfortable and uncertain of themselves could spell trouble if hired.

Review their time-keeping skills

Bad time-keeping skills say a great deal about a candidate. They suggest immaturity, lack of organisation and irresponsibility. Bad time-keeping skills should therefore be assessed with concern; they also show that the candidate is apathetic about the opportunity – unless the candidate has a completely plausible reason for their lateness.

Play tricks on them!

If you like a candidate but there’s something suspicious about them that you can’t pinpoint, hold a second interview with them. Reschedule at the last minute to see how they respond. Do they give the impression that it is an inconvenience to them for you to reschedule? Do they accept but turn up late?

During the interview delve further with your questions. Stray into more negative terrain by asking questions such as: ‘Tell us about a time when you made an error of judgement in the workplace.’

Troublesome candidates will be reluctant to openly and analytically respond to this question. If they claim that they cannot think of an example of such an instant arising, this is highly unlikely and will make it difficult for you to assess how they will deal with difficult situations in the future.

Analyse their questions

Do they ask inappropriate questions during the interview? Are they more focused on factors such as pay, annual leave and sick time? If so, approach with caution.



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