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Ways to Train Yourself to be A Great Leader

Deep down inside all of us is a desire to be a leader. Whether or not you think you want to be a president, a CEO, or a general, you do want to have people looking up to you. Everyone has the desire for leadership within them, but it takes work to be a leader.

How to Become A Leader

How can you train yourself to become that great leader you have the potential to be?

  1. Always Keep Promises -- If there's one thing that a leader does, it's keep his or her promises. Whether it's the promise to finish a report on time or fill a massive work order, a leader never fails to do what they promise. Be careful with what you promise, but any time you give your word, follow through! It might be hard, but that's the only way to be a great leader.
  2. Learn From Mistakes -- All leaders make mistakes, it's just a part of life! But what sets leaders apart from the rest is their ability to learn from those mistakes, and use that knowledge to avoid repeating that mistake in the future. If you make a mistake, don't let it stop you, but learn from it and use it to help you take calculated risks in the future.
  3. Dress to Influence -- Many people dress for the sole purpose of impressing others, but a flashy outfit and brand does little more than cause you to stand out. Instead, make sure that your appearance--both personal and as a company--is consistent with your brand.
  4. Lead by Example -- The best leaders will show their followers how to do what is being asked of them instead of just giving commands. A boss sits at his desk throwing out orders, but a leader gets down in the trenches with the men and does the work himself. He uses his example to show the others how to do what is asked of them.
  5. Ask for Feedback -- A boss waits for feedback, but a leader actively solicits the opinions and advice of those working with him. If you're not sure how you're doing on something, ask those around you for their feedback and advice. A leader shows that he's willing to listen by implementing the counsel he has been given.
  6. Be Confident -- This is definitely easier said than done. A good leader is confident, and not just in the areas where he is an expert. If you're learning something new, be confident in your skills to learn and grow. Show your confidence in whatever you're doing, and you'll find that people will look up to you even if they have many more years of experience than you.
  7. Show Commitment to Self-Improvement -- Want people to make progress in their own lives? You'll have to show that you're dedicated to improving in yours. A great leader is always looking for ways to grow, whether by reading more, learning something new, or finding innovative ways to accomplish their regular tasks. If you're serious about being a great leader, commit to self-growth at every opportunity.
  8. Treat Your Team Like Customers -- You say "the customer is always right", but do you treat your team differently. Show your team the same respect you show customers, and you'll have their loyalty for life!

Being a great leader takes a whole lot of work and commitment, but it's hugely rewarding! You'll develop a team of workers who value you simply because you make them feel valued in return.

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