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STUDENT LIFE / NOV. 14, 2014
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What Bad Habits do Poor Students Have

A poor student can be a failing pupil because of bad habits. Although there is an infinite number of students who can’t perform like their hardworking classmates because of a poor home environment, a paucity of nutrition and mental health issues, many students just suffer from poor habits, which then results in less than adequate grades. 

From staying up all night playing video games to reading notes in front of the television, there are a variety of terrible characteristics and traits that bad students have that diminish their opportunities to excel in government and private schools and post-secondary institutions. 

Indeed, parents should be encouraging their children and young adults to maintain good study practices, while instructors should educate their pupils on how to study effectively, take notes properly and prepare for a test, exam or pop quiz correctly. This can be rather time-consuming in a day when teachers have very limited resources and time within the classroom. 

So what are some bad habits that poor students have that should be remedied immediately? Here are seven of them, and if corrected over time can help them improve their project marks, test scores and college GPAs. 

1. Apathy 

It isn’t groundbreaking to realize that many teenagers and young adults don’t necessarily think of the future and the consequences of their lack of better judgment. This is why many youth are indifferent to their studies and education and don’t take their subjects seriously, whether it’s applied mathematics in high school or advanced quantum mechanics in college. Apathy is an ingredient for a failed academic career. 

2. Ingratitude 

Let’s face it: we in the West have it better than most people in developing nations, many of which still lack modest educational facilities with high levels of illiteracy. If children here lived in similar surroundings - walking 10 miles to school barefoot, sitting in deprived classrooms and a violent town - then perhaps they would have a lot more gratitude for their studies. Indeed, our education system has a lot of inherent problems and growing issues, but it’s still better than the zero opportunities for learning that remote regions of Africa have. 

3. Poor attendance 

Attendance is the most important part of school, and is an early sign that an individual will have either great or poor attendance records at their place of work. Missing chemistry classes in high school is detrimental to your final grades, while skipping 19 Century English literature in college is just a waste of money because you’re paying for a diploma. One thing is for sure: a poor student with deplorable attendance will not transition well in college or the workforce. 

4. Horrific note taker 

It’s easy to avoid paying attention in class, particularly when you have a boring teacher, an unexciting subject and the weather is beautiful outside. Unfortunately, when a poor student doesn’t pay attention then they won’t write down great notes - instead they’ll often doodle or write notes to classmates.  When attending college, notes will be your lifeline to attaining a stupendous GPA. 

5. Terrible reading 

Not studying for exams, skimming through notes and refraining from reading textbook chapters will lead to inevitable failure in both high school and college. If a bad student wants to attend college then their reading habits must be adjusted almost immediately, which should consist of actually studying for exams and tests, thoroughly perusing notes and reading every assigned textbook chapter. 

6. Mobile devices 

If you’re more interested in Facebook updates or the newest app for your smartphone instead of a lesson on the Federal Reserve System then you’re doomed to failure. Paying more attention to your iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy, iPad or Google Chromebook will hurt your studies because you won’t have any clue what just happened in the past 90 minutes. This is a prevalent issue in classrooms all over the Western world. 

7. Procrastination 

Every single one of us has procrastinated at least once in our life. Rather than undergo a task on a rainy day we would rather do a crossword puzzle and postpone the duty for another day. Indeed, this is fine once in a while - perhaps even healthy - but on a consistent basis it can lead to an alternative lifestyle of sloth and incompetence because you’re not accomplishing anything. 

Like any other bad habit in life - smoking, drinking or junk food - we can overcome poor habits at school. With a little bit of determination, assistance and hard work, a student with horrific habits can transform their lifestyle and become a top student with a stellar record and ultimately a sought after worker with excellent career opportunities. 


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