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What Can a Graduate Bring to the Workplace?

The working world can be a ruthless one and as a recruiter or hiring manager it is essential that you prepare your future workforce for the realities of the employment sector. As a recruiter it is your responsibility to make a hiring decision that will benefit your team, department and company. You will need to find someone that fits in with the team, is hard working, passionate and dedicated to their job role, and doing so is often an incredibly difficult task.

Hiring a diverse workforce

Many recruiters understand the benefits of bringing graduates to the workplace. A workplace without diversity will not thrive, and it is better to have a wide variety of employees that carry a range of skills, backgrounds and interests, rather than hiring from the same skills bracket time and time again.

What skills do graduates acquire at university?

Fresh out of university, graduates in the workplace have just been exposed to at least three years of education, whereby they were made to hold discussions, debates, write articles, theses and research projects and interact with people from a range of backgrounds.

Graduates pick up a range of skills, including the ability to think on their toes, create analogies and analyze data. They are equipped with skills that they can easily apply to their careers, including the ability to work independently, the ability to flourish in new environments and the ability to adapt quickly to new colleagues and surroundings.

Graduates are also taught to voice their opinions and speak out if they disagree with a notion. They are taught to think of new concepts and follow those concepts through in a visible and apparent way.

What can graduates bring to the workplace?

In the workplace, it is essential that your team is able to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. By bringing graduates to the workforce, you can guarantee that those graduates will not be inhibited to speak up, will think of inventive and inspiring ideas and will be able to inject energy into the team that invigorates the entire department.


If you have chosen to bring graduates to the workforce, the interview stage will be your ideal opportunity to establish whether the individual is the right fit for the company. You will also gain an impression of their energy and vigor from the interview. Ultimately, hiring a graduate should not be perceived as an opportunity to hire cheap labor. Any new employee requires high maintenance and they certainly expect a competitive salary. 

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