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What Careers Will Exist In A Virtual Reality?

Ah, the virtual world, where a pimply 13 year old boy can be a bodacious 40 year old cougar and a 200 lb. man can be a 13 year old boy [shudders]. Those aren’t feasible professions in the virtual sphere though, as said by the eloquent Al Pacino: ‘Money makes your life easier, if you have it you’re lucky.’ Wow, deep. Anyhow, let me just say that there are already people making money online and it doesn’t even involve a sliver of (real life) nudity. Here are some virtual reality professions.

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Just like any other new technology, the first thing people ask is: ‘how will it threaten my way of life’ (and then campaign against it even if it doesn’t) and secondly ‘can it give me a boner’. Granted most of the time, the second question would be postulated first, but I have a certain standard of decency to uphold here. OK so the definition of prostitution legally speaking is: “Offering one’s self for hire to engage in sexual relations”. In all technicality a virtual you would be just that, a simulation, so no laws would be broken if that ‘virtual’ you engaged with a different virtual perv…I mean the customer got their jollies off. A company named Lovense has already jumped on the virtual reality sex train (which I imagine has really sticky floors and a weird smell). Basically your partner has one male or female toy and whatever is done on the one side, is felt on the other. The company says that its intended for long-distance bon…I mean relationships, but you know that there is going to be that one person that says: ‘this would be really fun to do with a stranger’. If you doubt me look at how camera phones evolved into genital-senders not even 15 years after their commercial release. 


As the technology becomes more immersive, you can expect that more people are going to be attracted to it. The funny thing about people (which you probably have no idea about since you live in a basement  and only venture out of it to purchase bucket-sized Blue Slushies) is that they buy stuff even when it doesn’t exist. For example, there are full-time gold miners in many online games. Diabolo 3 actually has a real-money auction house for in-game items, where the company charges a commission on all sales.


Ok, there are certain things that embody the primary tenements of sports, but really shouldn’t be considered sports. Sure there’s competition, teams and leagues, but let’s face it, bowling, golfing and bowls shouldn’t be considered sports, they are just things you do with balls (also see first entry of list). Also E-Sports although they have sports in the name, shouldn’t be considered sports. They actually could be considered a profession, because more than 70 million people worldwide tune in to watch E-Sports. The some e-thletes are even sponsored, teams exchange players and entire teams are bought. Recently a player was traded for $85000 and a team was bought for $6 million. You can even get the same exact American Visa as a visiting basketball team e-thlete and some colleges have started to offer scholarships for e-sports.

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Are there any other jobs that can exist in the virtual sphere let me know in the comment section below!

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