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What Do Your Dreams Say About You?

dreams what they say about you

Dreams can be pretty amazing things! They are more than just random images floating through your head at night, but they can actually teach you a few things about yourself, by offering you a glimpse into your subconscious and unconscious minds.

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Want to know what your dreams say about you? Here are a few truths you can learn from your dreams:

Car = Health

Did you know that seeing a car in your dreams is your body trying to tell you about your current state of health? A damaged car means a sick body, a parked car means lots of relaxation, and someone else driving your car is your body’s telling you that you’re not in control of your life.

If you dream of your car, listen to what your mind is telling you about your body and health and take action!

Transitions = Mental Organization

Do you have logical, structured dreams, or do they simply leap from scene to scene in a chaotic jumble? The orderly, sequential dreams are a sign of an organized mind, while those who dream of random pictures and events, often have a less orderly, more creative mind.

Location = State of Mind

Where is your dream taking place? If you dream about sitting at your desk or spending time in your office, you’re dreaming about the work you have to do. If your dream takes place at school, it’s your mind trying to understand important lessons. If you dream of new places, it’s a way of showing your new methods of thinking. Dreaming of old, familiar places is an indication that your mind may be stuck in a rut.

Animals = Habits

Animals are creatures of habit. They do the same thing over and over, achieving exactly the same results. Animals in your dreams are an indication of your habits.

What interactions do you have with the animals in your dream? If you are taking care of them, walking them on a leash, or controlling them, it’s a sign that you are controlling your habits. If your animals are wild, rabid, chasing you, or causing you to fear, it’s a sign that your habits are controlling you- you’re too locked into a routine!

Clothes = Expression

What do you wear in your dreams? Nudity is an expression of your true self, Yoga/workout clothes are a sign of being relaxed, and business attire indicates a tendency to work hard. Those who feel comfortable in the clothing worn in their dreams are more comfortable in their own skin. Those who try to cover up under blankets or thick clothing in their dreams feel vulnerable in real life.

People = Personality Traits

When you encounter people in your dream, it’s often your mind reliving the parts of your personality that came out during the day. For example, a commanding, bossy person may appear in your dreams, after a day spent ordering people around. If you encounter a kind person, you were likely pleasant and friendly all day long.

If the same people appear in your dreams over and over again, it’s a good indication of which aspects of your personality you use the most.

Gender = Parts of Your Mind

Which gender shows up more in your dreams? If your dreams are filled with people of your same sex, it means you have a strong connection to your conscious mind. If your dreams are filled with people of the opposite sex, it indicates a connection to your inner subconscious and unconscious minds.

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The brain is a really intriguing organ in our body! It uses dreams to connect your unconscious, subconscious, and conscious minds, enabling all three to communicate clearly. If you learn to interpret your dreams, you could actually find out a lot about yourself!

Do you always remember your dreams or do you tend to forget them as soon as you wake up? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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