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CVS / JUN. 11, 2016
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What Every Successful Person Can Learn From Creating a Failure-Filled Resume

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We all have failures in life, whether it’s not finishing with the GPA you hoped for or not getting into the university you wanted, we have all failed academically and professionally at one point or another.

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We often discuss what it takes to succeed, and it can be difficult to imagine how failure fit into our lives, yet it does because no matter how much we strive for success it’s inevitable that we fail. Although we don’t like to talk about it, we all know that for every success there are at least dozens of failures and mistakes.

No One Likes to Talk About Their Failures


When pondering our lives we think about what we’ve achieved, never how we’ve failed because thinking about our failures can pull us down, but what if we were to learn from our failures, would we then sit down and think about them?

As most of us are vain creatures we are afraid to discuss our failures because it’s very hard to comprehend how despite of all our smarts and skills we could have failed, but we all fail because you can’t learn to get up without falling down.

So even if you failed at ten interviews before you got a job offer you need to embrace your failures and understand what they can teach you. Remember that you’re not the only one who fails, we all do, which is precisely why there’s so much advice available on how to succeed. Because someone had to fail for the rest of us to learn.

The Case of the Princeton Professor

To prove just how much we can learn from our failures a Princeton professor created a resume of all his academic and professional failures.

This is his resume.

degree programs         Resume

As you can see he made sure to include all the degree programs he did not get into, articles that were rejected by various journals, research funding he did not get and all the awards and scholarships he failed to get.

What He Taught Us


Although you may cringe at the thought of creating a similar resume, it will give you the opportunity to contemplate your life and count your blessings. It will also remind you of the Princeton professor and the fact that we all fail.

It’s important to celebrate our failures as much as our successes because they teach us things about ourselves and they can help guide us on our path to success.

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Would you ever create a resume with all your failures? Let us know in the comment section below.

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