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What is Greatness? And Can You Find it?

I would like to show you two videos, both of which speak about success. One features the actor and musician, Will Smith, who has had an extremely successful career. The reasons he attributes to his success? Hard work and perseverance. Although his quotes are chalked full of fastidious sayings regarding success, hard work and believing in yourself, the ultimate thing to take away is that his success is based on hard work and perseverance.

The second video features Carrie Green, who was initially an entrepreneur at age 20 while still studying. She speaks about self-doubt, risk assessment and risk avoidance. At the beginning of her speech she actually demonstrates this by asking for a volunteer to come up to the stage, gives them £20 GBP and then allows them to return to their seats. She talks about the value of collaboration and simply asking for help. Something that she does not speak about, but is extremely important, is adaptability. Although the speaker had no experience in the field of e-commerce or web development, she went to night school while still studying Law. Adaptability is the key for success and fluidity especially when starting something that can be instrumental to success or lack thereof, to failure.  

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