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What is Needed to Land a Job at Google? – Infographic

It is widely known that a job at Google involves working at a fun, creative environment with bright and passionate people surrounding you in the office. It also means lucrative perks such as access to gyms, swimming pools, as well as napping pods, free haircuts, laundry service, massage service, gourmet meals, not to mention excellent pay – some of the highest average salaries in the tech industry.

No wonder then why the tech giant is among the top 10 most in-demand employers, experiencing a storm of applications every year from over 2 million hopefuls around the world.  

Do you aspire to get a job at Google? This infographic by provides you with all the information you need to know about what Google values in candidates, what the interview process looks like and so on.

In brief, the facts are as follows:

What does Google look for in Candidates?

#1 You don’t necessarily need to be a college graduate to get accepted by Google. 14% make it without a college degree. A top GPA from a lead university is not a competitive advantage anymore. It is the ability to gain expertise without traditional learning sources of learning or information that will score you extra points.

#2 The ability to learn outweighs high IQ level. Learning on the fly really matters to Google. This means that as new business processes or needs transform, the ideal candidate should be able to swiftly learn and adapt to whatever it is that comes along.

#3 Candidates demonstrating emergent leadership are highly valued by Google.  Emerging leadership involves taking charge when for example your team is challenged by a problem that is directly related to something you have a lot of knowledge and experience with. So you proactively take responsibility in guiding the team to an efficient resolution. However, you can let another person take over once your team delves into another member’s area of expertise.

#4 Google seeks for “T-shaped people”, that is, very skilled people in one area, often the best in their field who also combine other interests.

The Interview Process and Hiring:

  1. It usually takes an average of 37 days to complete the interview process with about 5 interviews.
  2. Brain teasers are no longer deemed an important means of eliciting applicants’ mental/cognitive ability.
  3. Only 1 in 130 applicants gets a job.  

Overall, Google uses an effective alternative approach to identifythe right talent, giving more preference on candidates who are able to quickly grasp new knowledge They also hold candidates in high regard who are experts in their field but have other interests too.  

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