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What is Taking So Long After the Interview

What does it mean when employers haven’t contacted you after the job interview? To be honest, a lot. Since hiring managers are busy as it is, they often find it very difficult to reply back right after the interview. Sometimes if you are not successful – and I hope you are, they don’t even have the time to send a “thank you for your interest” letter to accompany the rejection email.

Obviously, you shouldn’t see things in black and white. If it is taking them too long to answer, it doesn’t mean you didn’t pass the interview. There might be some other perfectly rational explanations why recruiters are taking their time to respond.

Let’s check out some possible reasons that recruiters might not have replied yet:

#1 Someone’s missing


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Recruiting a candidate usually first requires the consent of a group of people, so it is possible that someone who is necessary to the selection process is missing.  He or she might be out of the office for various reasons e.g. vacations, business travel, illness, or even a family emergency. 

#2 Preparing for the next round


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HR is preparing for the next phase of the interviewing process. Phase 2 begins and they have to prepare for that. Hence, it might be a good idea to give it another week or so. Eventually, if you are successful you will be invited to attend the 2nd meeting. If you are aware of the company’s recruitment process, you could call them to see if you have managed to pass the first round.

#3 Other interviews are taking longer than expected


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There could be hundreds of candidates applying for the same position which means HR needs additional time to arrange interview appointments for other people as well. What is even more time consuming, is re-scheduling interviews as the necessary people become available or unavailable. This might mean it takes several weeks or longer before they have finally finished interviewing.

#4 Waiting for a decision from candidate No.1


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It is quite likely that HR is waiting for a decision from candidate #1 and you are candidate #2. So they have already selected the people who are most skilled and capable for the position and contacted the first person on the list. In this case, it depends on the answer of the first candidate. If he/she declines the offer, the job is yours.

Whatever might be happening, you shouldn’t pause your job search while you wait for an answer. No job can be given to you unless you put some real effort in your job-hunting process and you are actively searching for new opportunities. Remember that if recruiters are taking too long to come back with an answer, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes simply calling them to check where you at in terms of the selection process might be something they expect you to do. Also, it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!



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