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What Kind of Job Defines You?

How often do we hear that we must love our jobs? But what if we're no longer happy?

A common misconception of many is that personality is the least important aspect to evaluate (in terms of job compatibility) compared to other aspects like aptitude or skill. But it could be vital in helping you determine which is the best job for you. Remember; it's easier to change jobs than it is to change your personality.

What kind of job defines you? Here are some possible categories you might fit in:

Mechanical. Are you athletic? Do you have mechanical abilities? Do you prefer work that requires stamina than being faced in front of a computer? Chances are you belong to the Mechanical or Realist group. A Realist would best work as an athlete, dancer, engineer, architect, forester, industrial arts teacher, pilot, military officer, soldier, craft person or occupational therapist.

Investigative. Are you curious? Do you like probing into a problem for which you'd like to find answers or solutions? If you like to observe, learn, investigate, analyse, evaluate or solve problems, you are part of this group. The best job to find would be a scientist dealing with research.

Artistic. Artistic people are usually innovative or intuitive, prefer to work in unstructured situations and tend to use more of their imagination or creativity. Try to look for jobs that match any of the following: artist, English teacher, musician, singer, actor, advertising executive, fashion model, writer, photographer or interior decorator.

Social. Social people are best when it comes to interpersonal relationships. They tend to like working with others and are adept at informing, helping, training, counseling or communicating. If you think you can explain things well to others, feel competent with peers older than yourself, can effectively plan community functions and enjoy working as a volunteer, then this is your personality. Try to take educational and social welfare occupations. These include counselor, psychologist, teacher, therapist and nurse.

Enterprising. Have a hot and flashy business idea? If you are influential and persuasive, then you are an enterprising individual. Such people tend to supervise other's work, have unusual energy or enthusiasm, good at getting people to do things their way, good in sales and have started their own business.

Conventional. Are you content receiving a small but sure salary? Can you handle routine? Do you like to work with data? Do you have clerical or numerical ability, carry things out in detail or follow well on other's instructions? If the answer is yes, you belong to the Conventional type. Such people are usually good in typing letters or papers, keeping financial records, using business math and organizing records or files. If you are this type, try to get into clerical or office occupations.

Job hopping is undesirable but the good news is that it can be avoided from the very start, from the moment the applicant figures what type of job defines him. With this guideline, it would be easier for an individual to find his place under the sun. 

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