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What Makes Sleep the Secret to Beauty?

It is widely acknowledged that getting an adequate amount of sleep on a consistent basis is beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart and mind. But, have you ever thought that getting enough sleep each night can also help you maintain that healthy glow to your skin?

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According to a recent study at, University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OH researchers found that getting a good night’s sleep was a prerequisite toward maintaining healthy skin, with fewer wrinkles, an even skin tone and increased elasticity. So, why is getting enough sleep the secret to beauty?

Younger Looking Skin

When your sleep cycle is normal, human growth hormone (HGH) is released during the initial period of Stage 3 sleep at night. Not only is this hormone an important factor in a growing child’s physical maturing process, it is also part of our physical restoration process. During sleep, the brain releases HGH into our bloodstream. The release process is the catalyst for the repairing and restoration processes to occur.

For any individual who does not have a consistent sleep pattern or doesn’t get much sleep at all, there will not be a surge in the release of HGH. However, when a healthy sleep pattern returns, the surge in HGH will return to normal levels. When this hormone is released during the deep sleep stage, the surge creates a situation where any damaged cells are then repaired. If an individual does not get to the deep sleep stage, the surge won’t occur. Rather, small cellular breakdowns will occur each day. Basically, the regeneration process is reversed and the individual will notice distinct signs of aging.

Healthy Skin Appearance

A second reason that sleep is the secret ingredient to beauty is that getting an adequate amount of sleep will promote healthy looking skin. When you do not get the right amount of sleep, your body’s immune system will begin to “turn against healthy tissues and organs.” Basically, when you have a lack of consistent sleep, damaging inflammation to the tissues will occur. This inflammation can then lead to a breakdown of hyaluronic acid and collagen. These molecules are important in giving your skin its healthy glow. So, it is vital to get an adequate amount of sleep in order to maintain healthy, translucent skin.

Attractive Appearance

Maintaining younger looking skin with a healthy appearance will also significantly increase your attractiveness quotient. A 2010 study from the British Medical Journal carried out research into this area. In that study, 23 subjects were photographed after experiencing a specific period of sleep deprivation. They were also photographed after experiencing a good night’s sleep of eight hours.

The review part of the study consisted of showing those photographs to 65 individuals who were asked to rate the photos “based on health, attractiveness and tiredness.” According to the findings, all photos of the sleep deprived individuals scored significantly lower in all three categories.

Significant Decrease in Weight

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is also a secret ingredient to beauty because it will decrease your weight. According to a research study by scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden, “One sleepless night lowers the body’s consumption of energy by five percent.” Essentially, our metabolism is drastically slowed down and this causes weight gain. One of the researchers, Christian Benedict, advised that twenty percent more energy than normal is also stored in our body. Blood flow is then increased in the various parts of the brain in regard to how we relate to food. Previously, this increase was only seen in extremely obese individuals. Benedict indicated that, “Lack of sleep confounds the metabolic clock.”   

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So, if you want to stay younger and healthier looking, don’t skimp out on your beauty sleep! Getting an adequate amount of consistent, daily sleep will help you keep that healthy glow longer.

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