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What Not to Do on Twitter as a Job Seeker

Twitter is a powerful social engagement tool; it gives your loved ones and the people you know a little glimpse into your “day in the life of”. Notice that I said a little glimpse because if you open the flood-gates of personal information into the internet, the results might be a little… let’s say, detrimental to your employability. Here are some social media falling stars that were more interested in retweets and mentions than they were about getting a job.

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Keep it to Yourself

I know, this tweet has been rehashed more times than a nostalgic 90s franchise, but it is a shameful example that deserves to never die. Our young, attractive (and extremely white) offender, sent out into the world, the insensitive and offensive twitter (equivalent of a moist cow-pie) : “Going to Africa, Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding I’m white”. Yes, someone in the 21st century said that, in one of the most public forums, technology (and probably humanity) has to offer. Just to add to the dumb-ass-ery hilarity of this soft-brained, idiot’s tweet, she also happened to be a senior director of corporate communications for a Media Company. The insensitive, Justine Sacco got her comeuppance in the form of a pink slip, as the company she was working for promptly sacked Sacco. If you happen to have even a shimmer of something racist/insensitive/involving a deadly disease, that kills 1.2 million people a year, just keep it to yourself. You might also want to look into some sort of religion, because your moral compass needs some serious realigning.

Making Fun of an Assault Victim

On February 11th, during the uprising against Egypt’s then President Mubarak, War Journalist, Lara Logan was viciously attacked, sexually assaulted and beaten for 25 minutes. Nir Rosen was a fellow war journalist that had covered the conflict in Iraq, so he was well aware of the harrowing nature of the profession. Rosen thought he’d make light of the unfortunate woman’s gang rape and attack, by tweeting “Lara Logan had to outdo Anderson. Where was her buddy McCrystal” chalking up Logan’s horrifying experience to a ratings grab. Well, Rosen not only lost his dignity, he also lost a coveted fellowship with the NYU Center on Law and Security. You might want to avoid anything that makes light of horrifying and traumatic events in the future.


Sure, it’s the internet age, the age of information, but some information pertaining to your job might be on a need to know, basis. Well, a victim of a big mouth or maybe a broad-on-screen-keyboard, Nicole Crowther, a recurring actress on the popular show Glee, started sharing plot spoilers with her Twitter followers. Well, production caught of whiff of said spoilers and replied in the like, saying: “@nicolecrowther Hope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment. So, you might want to keep confidential information you pick up at work, exactly that: confidential.

Do you know of any other regrettable tweets that got people in hot water? Let us know in the comment section below!

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