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What Not to Say to Your Boss

When working in a professional environment, it is necessary to maintain a good relationship between your boss and yourself. During your career, you are bound to face situations where you will be inclined to say something to your boss which you will regret in the future. The following are terms and phrases that individuals should avoid saying to their boss, however this list is not exhaustive;

“I cannot do this”

Demonstrating a defeatist behavior towards a set task highlights an individual’s incompetency. In the event that you are faced with a task that you are unable to do, making an effort to attempt the task and then asking for guidance will portray a better image of you than just outright rejecting it. If your boss has set you a goal, try your best to achieve it without having a negative attitude towards it.

“This is not in my job description”

If you are assigned a task that is clearly not in your job description, you should not refuse to do it. It could be a test to see how capable you are for a possible promotion, or even an opportunity to show your boss how well you work under pressure.

“I was so wasted last night”

As much fun as you had last night, it is unnecessary to share the details of it with your boss the next day. Talking about your previous night’s adventures demonstrates an unprofessional behavior and might portray a negative image in front of your boss. It is vital to keep your relationship with your employer professional and within limits.

“I don’t get paid enough for this job”

Even if you feel that your work load is a lot and you should get paid more, making statements such as this can negate any chances of you even being employed at the company. Such statements show the employer that the employee is unhappy with their job and only doing it for the money – even if this is true, you should always demonstrate a professional attitude in the workplace.

“This job is boring”

Many employees enter a job thinking they would enjoy it but it is often that they end up disliking it or finding it boring. If this is the case, it is important to maintain a professional outlook and remember that you are paid to perform a task and you should do so. Complaining to your boss that your job is boring will only have a negative result.


This is not something you say but it is an act that shows your boss exactly how you feel towards your job, a task or your workplace. Sighing should never be a response to task given to you as it illustrates passive aggression.


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The above are a few of the phrases that you should not say to your boss however this is not a limited list. It is important to keep your attitude and approach professional at work to be perceived as a capable employee. 

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