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What's it Like to be an Apple Employee?

We all have a vision of working for a prestigious company. We dream of seeing ourselves as a notable figure in a well-known cooperation. We want to be a part of something big like discussing what new attributes the futuristic iPhone will have. However, picturing ourself behind the walls of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino sounds like a career fantasy.

In order to make this fantasy of working for Apple a little more realistic, a selection of Apple’s employees have revealed some inside scoop about the company’s internal corporate culture. Apple's walls are finally broken down and light is shed upon its deepest corporate secrets…

Ex-employee Justin Maxwell disclosed that Apple workers need to keep projects under wraps, "The general idea is this: You are part of something much bigger than you. The ideas you talk about in the hall, the neat tricks you figured out in CSS, the new unibody machining technique, that's part of your job, something you are paid to do for Apple's success, not something you need to blog about to satisfy your ego. Don't f--- it up for everyone."

Nobody in Apple works exclusively according to Brandon Carson, "They desire and demand a collaborative atmosphere. Your work is peer-vetted -- we had to present our work to the team and take feedback...More companies need to operate like that internally."

Although some may speak positively about Apple, an anonymous employee doesn’t; "Paranoid management, disrespect, constant tension, and long hours sum up most of the real culture in operations ... even discuss a better way to do anything is strictly frowned upon when it comes from the bottom.  Work longer/harder, don't complain…”

Working for Apple is not as creative as we’d imagined says Richard Francis, “The atmosphere is not as zanily creative as you might imagine. It's very structured, very process driven..."

The marketing team are the decision makers another anonymous employee claims, "Everything, and I mean everything, is decided by the marketing team at Apple, and 2 reviewers in east coast newspapers. I was shocked and flabbergasted at the role these reviewers had at Apple. As an engineer, I was told to tend to feature requests that were made by Mossberg and party."

Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaigns are a contradiction says TC Dotson, "Apple is interesting. On one hand, you have 'Think Different' propaganda posters all over the wall (you have all seen these ad campaigns and know what they are about). On the other hand, Apple has the strictest rules of any place I have worked. Apple cares about its brand image above all else."

Chad Little states that when Steve Jobs was around, he got what he wanted, “If Steve wants it done, it's done faster than anyone thinks is humanly possible. The best way to get any cross departmental work done was to say its for Steve and you'd probably have it the same day."

An anonymous employee talks the Apple campus and cafeteria, "The Apple Campus itself is an amazing place, with the huge building surrounding a central Quad with grass and sidewalks and the amazing cafeteria: You get trays and silverware just exactly like in College, and go pick from a large handful of sushi, Mexican, make-your-own sandwich or salad..."

Does Apple function similarly to how any other regular company does? Still dream of becoming an Apple employee?

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