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What To Expect: First Months Of Freelancing

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My site has been up for two months now. I want to sympathize with Freelancers out there who want to start their business. If you want to know how the first few months feel for Freelancers. Then just keep on reading!

I’ll tell you this right now. On your first month as a Freelancer, You’ll barely make any cash and you will suffer; but on the bright side, once you’ve passed the first few months of Freelancing, you’ll be getting customers for a long time which would is worth it for all of your unpaid efforts.

The Learning Curve For Freelancing Takes Time

Learning how to deal with people and how to find clients takes time to learn. It’s impossible to discover all the tricks and methods for Freelancing within a month. At best, you’ll only receive at least 5% of the real scope of freelancing!

Starting a Freelance Career without knowledge and experience is scary. Pitching and sending an email feels like walking on a sea of rejection. 

There is no easy trick to master Freelancing. It’s something you learn over time. I really recommend going to Internet Marketing forum Sites and Well-Established blogs for tricks and knowledge in your industry. Sending an email might be difficult at the start of your career. But you have to persevere, because over time you’ll realize that sending “pitches” is a learning experience for you and may even reward you in the future.

Your Brand Has No Credibility

The start of your career leaves you with no weapons. It’s a sad world where people have no respect for your services. Your brand has no testimonials or anything that’s worth to be told. And not only that, because of your fresh entry into this world of Freelancing. It will take time for you to build your brand. But that’s okay. Most prominent Freelancers worked hard in the first months of their career.

I know I’ve said that establishing your brand within your first months can be difficult. But here are a list of ways for you to build your brand and get a good amount of knowledge about the Freelancing World.

  • Get A Blog

I’m not talking about free hosted platforms. It won’t hurt to spend a few bucks to get a paid domain. Grabbing a website makes your brand look more professional.

  • 30 Days Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge is the act of publishing posts every single day within the span of 30 days on your site. It’s extremely beneficial for SEO and will kick-start your blog with enough content for promotion.

  • Blog Tour

A Blog Tour is an effort to email the editors of well-established blogs and Guest Post on their site. But, it doesn’t stop there, the blog tour like its name implies, is a tour around blogs by Guest Posting on 30 different sites within 30 days. It’s the best promotion your site can receive, because not only will it establish your brand and bring traffic to your site, but it will help bring clients at your doorstep.

  • Internet Marketing Forums

Internet Marketing forums are one of the best resources you can find to establish a brand and find techniques for your freelancing career. These places offer the latest online business strategy and interacting on sites like these would bring loyal and supportive readers on your site. Examples of sites are: Warrior Forums and Inbound.

  • Social Media

You won’t find any “real followers” on your first month as a Freelancer. I never really recommend giving too much effort on social media unless you have a strong online presence. Don’t let it stop you there! You can still build your followers and promote your site through various tools such as JustReTweet and Topsy.

You’ll Feel Worthless

You’re going to be sending a bunch of email. You won’t receive a reply for most of them. There can be reasons why clients aren’t responding or rejecting your emails. It’s probably because of a lack of clips, or bad way impression on your email.

After the first few weeks of pitching. If you work hard to fix your email templates and build your portfolio. You’ll be getting clients to respond to you. Persistence pays off, so don’t give up. The first weeks may make you feel useless and unmotivated. But you’ll be thankful for the lessons and rewards you’ll get.

How these ideas changed my career in two months: I’ve mentioned before that this is the second month since my blog launched. There have been a lot of changes in my career because of this. I would’ve never guessed the results I got when I was working for content mills. I stressed myself out day and night until I finally found well-paying clients within two months. My new knowledge for Freelancing, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Writing and Blogging are irreplaceable. All in all, despite the stress, it was worth the trouble.


Your first few months as a freelancer would probably be horrible. But take my word for it if I knew these things before starting a Freelance Career, I would’ve been a better freelancer. So work hard to achieve your goals because in the Freelance Industry, there’s no better teacher than experience.

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