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What to Look for in a New Recruit

Knowing what to look for in a new recruit is half the battle in hiring the best person for the job. Although the job post itself will ultimately determine the caliber of candidates you have to interview, it is your perceptions, knowledge and understanding of what makes a good employee that will resolve whether your hiring decision is a good one or not.

Here are some of the main skills and characteristics that you should look out for in your next recruit:

Good Attitude

A positive attitude towards work is essential. They should be motivated to show off their abilities, keen to impress and excel in the job, and able to maintain a positive and upbeat outlook even in times of stress and difficulties.

Appropriate Aptitude

The recruit should have a good education, the right skills for the job and relevant work experience to assist them in taking on the responsibilities of the job with relative ease. The more closely related the candidate’s skills and work history are to the job, the more likely they will be in succeeding early on in the role.

High Intelligence

Whether you are recruiting for a scientist vacancy or a bin lorry driver job, a recruit should be intelligent enough to know how to perform the duties of the job in the most productive, cost effective and practical manner. The higher the intelligence of the recruiter, the more likely they will be in coming up with new best practices and convenient ways to get the job done in a more costly effective way.

Good Energy

The enthusiasm and energy of a new recruit is vital to how they integrate into their new role and into a new company. They must be suited to the company culture and able to transpire their energy into departmental productivity.

Loyalty, Integrity and Honesty

Three of the most sought after character traits of a new recruit are loyalty, integrity, and honesty. The more loyal the recruit is to you the more likely it is that you will promote them into a position of authority. Integrity and honesty also add to the ‘perfect employee’ and will likely result in bonuses, pay increases, and employer-employee value.

Genuine Team Player

The ability to work in a team environment and to excel when working with others is a character trait most employers should seek in their new recruit. Teamwork is almost guaranteed in any workplace environment and so an individual who knows how to get the best from others and how to react positively is essential.  

Sensible and Stable

You ideally want to hire a new employee who is stable in terms of their approach to their career so check out their resume for multiple employment positions or unexplained gaps. A recruit who has a sensible approach to life and work is someone who can be relied upon and trusted to stay with the company for the long term.



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