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What to Look for on a Candidate’s Facebook Page

Trawling social media sites in search of your interview candidates is something which many of us are guilty of. With the current social media craze in the e-recruitment industry, it is almost guaranteed for job applicants social profiles to be viewed by interested recruiters, and most candidates should be aware of this by now!

Once you have locate your candidate online, whether it be Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you need to know what to look out for. Whilst LinkedIn offers you a more professional view of the candidate, it doesn’t truly give an idea about their character or personality. In a similar way, Twitter makes it difficult to gauge a candidate’s personal attributes as it only allows for posts up to 140 characters long – giving you very little to go on! Facebook on the other hand is a great source of information when seeking out candidates. Provided their privacy settings permit you to view their profile, you can essentially gain access to a vast range of information that may sway your opinion about their suitability for the job.

Here are the top things to look out for on a candidate’s Facebook page:

#1 Number of friends

  • If they have many friends (over 100) that implies they are sociable and have good networking skills.
  • Under 50 friends may imply the candidate is an introvert who prefers to socialise with few people but whom mean a lot to them i.e. family and close friends.

#2 Pages they like

  • If the candidate likes pages that also interest you or that match the values of the company, they could potentially fit into the culture of the company very well.
  • If they like controversial pages or organizations that employ the opposite values to your company, you may find that they could be a potentially difficult employee.

#3 Activity (posts)

  • You can view the content of the candidate’s posts to ascertain their personality.
  • Check the times at which their posts are put up; if they are late at night, you can ascertain the candidate is fairly obsessed with FB, if they are during the day and the candidate is currently in work, you can assume they are posting on FB whilst at work!

#4 Background info

  • You can check the candidate’s education, currently employment and university they attended on their profile.
  • You can also see the candidate’s date of birth and relationship status. Whilst this can in no way influence your hiring decision, it can give you a better idea of the character and personality of the candidate. If they are young and posting photos of them partying every night of the week for example, you can assume they may not be ready for a serious full time position..

#5 Photo albums

  • You can view what the candidate actually looks like! Putting a face to a name can help you to conclude a first impression of them.
  • If the candidate’s photo albums are all of them partying or if they include anything that would breach your employment terms i.e. drug taking, then you can conclude they may not be the right employee for you!



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