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INTERVIEWS / MAR. 23, 2016
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What to Say When An Interviewer Calls You at a Bad Time

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When you are actively job searching, whenever your phone rings, you eagerly answer every single unrecognized number because who knows, this could be your next employer and you don’t want to leave them hanging. But what happens if during that particular moment your phone rings you are waiting in line at the supermarket, working out at the gym or in the car running errands with your kids?

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You won’t be able to focus properly if you are in these situations; very annoying, right? Not to mention the fact that you probably don’t have your resume in front of you or any notes in particular about that specific company ( after all, you sent your resume to dozens of companies).

All you need to do is set the right tone during your initial conversation with the hiring manager, and they will give you another chance. But how do you do that? Read the following points to find out:

A Great First Impression

Almost all jobs require you to speak with other people at some point, whether inside or outside the organization, so it is crucial to show how you would answer their call in professional circumstances. That first phone call could potentially help hiring managers visualize what impression you would give to that organization’s clients or vendors.

You need to avoid having the first couple of awkward seconds when the interviewer isn’t sure whether they are speaking to the right person or where you offensively ask "who’s this"; it just slows the whole conversation down. What you could do instead is answer the call with a simple “Hello. This is Emma” so you immediately confirm that the hiring manager called the right person and also set a nice pleasant tone for the rest of your call.

Express Your Interest

Since they will be speaking with you over the phone, the only criteria to make that first impression is your attitude and tone of voice; use them to your advantage. Despite this chaotic scenario, you have been waiting for this phone call for ages so just be happy about it; if you had one second to spare and pick up that phone, at least, make it count and ensure that you have a positive tone.

But don’t just stay there; keep on with the positive remarks with something like “Thank you for calling, I was hoping to hear from you since I am really excited about this opportunity.”

Be Clear But Don’t Overshare

Make it clear to them that you can’t talk at that moment, but there’s no point to overshare the reasons why. It doesn’t really matter what the reason is, the important thing here is to handle it with a level of professionalism- there’s no need to say that you are 10 minutes away from completing your treadmill mileage goal.

What you need to do here is firmly and politely end the call but make sure to set up the next call. You need to treat it like a date. When you ask someone out, and they politely decline, your first thought is "so does this means no forever or just that specific day?" But you don’t want to leave the recruiters hanging. Explain to them that you are not free at that particular moment and that you need to be in a much quieter place in order to focus. Then, offer an alternative time to call them back in an hour or two.

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There’s nothing with admitting that they have called you at a bad time, after all, it is normal to have a busy schedule; you are showing them that you are not desperate, sitting around on the couch all day. Just make sure to handle it in a positive, polite and professional way.

Have you ever been through this phone call situation? Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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