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What We Can learn from Ross Geller's Career Disasters

Ross Geller in Friends is known as the’dinosaur dude’.  No one really understands exactly what he does, nor are they all that interested. His job may not be that thrilling to his friends, but there’s no denying he has successfully turned a childhood obsession with dinosaurs into a career as a palaeontologist. However, along with the rest of the Friends characters, he’s suffered some career disasters over the years.  Here are Ross Geller’s top 5 career mistakes and what we can learn from them:   

Mistake 1 - Going to Work When Mentally Unstable

In Series 5, Ross was going through a hard time after his second disastrous marriage.  (Admittedly, if he had said the right name at the altar it wouldn’t have been such a disaster).  His trauma manifested itself in some odd behaviour at work, including screaming at his boss when he accidentally ate Ross’ prized Thanksgiving sandwich, despite Ross leaving some threatening notes for anyone who dared to go near it.  He soon found himself being placed on a leave of absence.

Lesson – If you find yourself mentally unfit for work, ensure you take the time off to recover.

Mistake 2 - Assuming Others are as Fascinated by his Career as he is

Ross tends to talk about palaeontology - a LOT. Unfortunately, he tends to forget that others do not share the same passion for it. In fact, his friends dread asking him a question about his work for fear that he will start a long complicated explanation of exactly what he is working on and bore them to tears, or even worse, invite them to a lecture on it.

Lesson – Save the in-depth chats about your chosen career for those who share your interest.

Mistake 3 - Trying to be Someone he’s not

When Ross starts a new job as a university lecturer at New York University, he is initially excited but soon finds himself suffering from a serious case of stage fright.  To combat this, for reasons known only to himself, he decides to adopt a British accent when talking to the students.  This of course ends in disaster and after his attempts to “phase out” the accent fail, he is forced to admit that he is not really British, leading to all sorts of confusion amongst the students he is trying to impress. 

Lesson – Always be yourself at work – trying to be someone else will get you nowhere.

Mistake 4 – Over-committing Himself

In series 8, Ross agrees to teach a graduate seminar which starts 10 minutes after his regular classes end, but unfortunately it’s at the opposite ends of the city. This resulted in him arriving for classes a panting, stressed out mess, or missing them altogether. To allow him to get there on time, he comes up with the novel idea of wearing roller skates.

Lesson – Always consider logistics before you commit to new things.

Mistake 5 - Dating one of his Students

In Series 6, Ross is flattered when one of his students shows an interest in him and they soon start dating.  However, it soon ends in disaster when Ross realises that it’s not just “frowned upon” to date a student, it is against the rules.  When he bumps into some work colleagues at the coffee house whilst with his girlfriend, Ross decided to admit they were dating and was soon told that he was “so fired.”   

Lesson – If you’re in a position of responsibility, don’t abuse your power by starting relationships with people you shouldn’t.  

Ross Geller may have had his career dramas, but there’s no denying that he is passionate about his subject. Still, we all know if his paleontology career had not worked out, he had other special “talents” to fall back on.  Who could forget his musical attempts to play the keyboard and bagpipes, or the dancing moves he showed off when he performed with Monica when filming a segment for a televised New Year’s Eve party?  Plus, he was always claiming to have “given up a career in basketball” to become a palaeontologist....

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